Abandon: Abandoning or being abandoned in your dream implies having a new life.

Abbess: To see an abbess in your dream implies you should be more careful about your acts.

Abdomen: Seeing abdomen in your dream has many different meanings.

  • Abdominal Swelling with Pain: Being in danger.
  • Baby in your Abdomen: Having a child.
  • Cleaning Abdomen: Being successful at work and defeating enemies.
  • Damaging someone’s Abdomen: Helping that person.
  • Getting something from your Abdomen: Getting rid of sorrow and grief.
  • Hairs on Abdomen: Financial gain for men, sorrow and sadness for women.
  • Placing something in your Abdomen: Illegal gain.
  • Seeing your Abdomen Bigger: Financial gain.
  • Seeing your Abdomen Smaller: Monetary loss.
  • Swelling of Abdomen: Having much money.
  • Wound, Boil or Pus at your Abdomen: Disease and monetary loss.
  • Wrinkled Abdomen: Being barren.

Abroad: Being abroad in your dream symbolizes being successful at life.

Abscess: To see an abscess in your dream symbolizes arguing with relatives owing to events at past.

Abundance: Being in abundance at your dream signifies getting married with a wasteful person or being in debt because of your business partner.

Acacia: To see acacia in your dream symbolizes good news.

Academy: To see an academy in your dream means you will be in trouble when you are older. If you see academy members, it symbolizes hopelessness and sorrow.

Accident: To see something about accident at your dream implies living in abundance and being happy.

Accumulator: To see an accumulator in your dream implies you will be disappointed about love, business and marriage.

Acetone: To see yourself using acetone in your dream implies taking bitter news. Also, you should be more careful about your family and business life.

Acne: To see acne at your dream purports having much money and living in abundance.

  • Being Covered with Acne: Defeating enemies.
  • Squeezing Acne: Danger of death and monetary loss.

Acoustic: To see yourself in a place having acoustic in your dream implies getting rid of sadness and sorrow.

Acrobat: To see an acrobat in your dream purports being successful at work you do and gaining fame.

  • Being an Acrobat: Being deceived by people you cheated.
  • Seeing an acrobat making acrobatic movements implies being punished because of your mistakes.

Acrobatics: To see yourself making acrobatic movements in your dream implies your health and business life will be wonderful.

Acropolis: To see yourself at Acropolis ruins in your dream implies you will travel where you want to go.

Actor: To see an actor in your dream implies reliable friends.

Actress: To see an actress in your dream implies being successful. If she is on stage, it symbolizes misery.

Addict: Seeing or being an addict in your dream signifies fulfillment of your wishes.

Address: To see giving or getting address in your dream means you should visit your friends and relatives.

Admiral: To see an admiral in your dream signifies some of your friends have concealed thought about you.

  • A Patient Admiral: To be punished because of your crimes.
  • Eating with the Admiral: A long journey.
  • Talking to an Admiral: The friend you give your secret is unreliable.

Adobe: Seeing adobe at your dream signifies living in peace and having much money.

  • Building a House with Adobe: Earning money hardly.
  • House Made from Adobe: Having monetary problems.

Adultery: To see something about adultery in your dream implies living in abundance and happiness.

Advance: To get advance payment in your dream purports financial problems.

Advertisement: To see an advertisement in your dream symbolizes being popular.

  • Reading Advertisements: Losing reputation owing to your own fault.

Advice: Giving advice in your dream symbolizes wasting time and being sorry because of your mistakes.

Adz: To see an adz at your dream implies being rich.

  • Buying or Finding an Adz: Monetary gain.
  • Giving, Breaking or Losing the Adz: Being in trouble at work and monetary loss.

Africa: To see yourself in Africa in your dream means healthy and rich future for you.

Afterlife: To see the afterlife in your dream means happy life for you and your family.

  • Being Fired from the Afterlife: Financial loss and misery.
  • Immigrate in the Afterlife: A long and profitable journey.
  • To See Yourself in the Afterlife: Failing even though hard working.

Agate: To see agate in your dream signifies healthy, long life and cultural development.

Agave: To see agave in your dream signifies having a bad life.

Agency: To listen to an agency in your dream signifies you will reap a profit because of your political interest.

Agency: To see an agency in your dream signifies losing a friend or a new lover.

Agenda: To write something to your agenda in your dream means weakening of your memory. Additionally, if you don’t work hard enough, you will lose much money.

Agent: To see a foreign agent in your dream signifies some people feel jealous about you and your family. Also, one of your friends wants to hurt you.

Agonize: To agonize at your dream symbolizes having a long and happy life.

  • Seeing a woman agonizing in your dream purports having a child and being successful at work.

Agriculture: Seeing something about agriculture in your dream purports living in abundance.

Aide: To see or be an aide in your dream implies you should spare some time for yourself.

Album: To see an album in your dream symbolizes longing for the past.

Albuminosis: To be albuminosis in your dream signifies you should be careful about your health.

Alcohol: To see alcohol or alcoholic beverages in your dream it symbolizes being in danger, illegal gain, a life full of pain and sadness.

Alcoholic: To see an alcoholic in your dream symbolizes some troubles at your business or illegal gain. If you are an alcoholic in your dream, it signifies sadness and sorrow.

Alert: To hear sound of any alert in your dream means a happy marriage and being safe.

Alimony: Seeing something about alimony in your dream means having a problematic marriage.

Almanac: To see an almanac in your dream signifies you shouldn’t waste your time anymore.

Almond: To see almond in your dream symbolizes healing.

  • Almond Leaf: Being protected by an important person.
  • Almond Tree: Being rich due to hard working.
  • Bitter Almond: Being truthful.
  • Breaking Almond: Having a new job.
  • Collecting Almond from a Tree: Illegal gain.
  • Dry Almond: Evil and sadness.
  • Eating Almond: Happiness and abundance.
  • Giving Almond to Someone: Having a partner at your business.
  • Green Almond: Good fortune.
  • Peeling Almond: Having bad thoughts about others.
  • Sprinkling Almond Shells on You: Buying new clothes.
  • Sweet Almond: Having property.

Aloe: To see aloe at your dream symbolizes being rich.

Alphabet: To see yourself reading alphabet in your dream signifies you should behave mature.

Altar: To see an altar at your dream purports receiving good news and living in peace.

  • Bright Altar: Having a happy life and gaining reputation.
  • Clean Altar: Getting rid of troubles.
  • Dark Altar: Being sad.
  • Dirty Altar: Making a big mistake.
  • Sitting at the Altar: Being friend with an important person.

Alum: To see, give or take alum in your dream signifies having bad relationship with someone you know.

  • Eating Alum: Being in danger.
  • Using Alum: Being sick.

Amateur: To be an amateur of something in your dream symbolizes unexpected love and compliment.

Ambassador: Seeing an ambassador in your dream purports having problems at your business.

  • Being Ambassador: Being in danger because of enemies.
  • Female Ambassador: You should fix your behaviors.

Amber: To see amber in your dream implies financial gain.

  • Amber Incense: Wasting money and belief shake.
  • Amber Necklace: Being seriously ill or getting married with a rich and grumpy person.
  • Big Amber Piece: Being seriously ill for a long time.
  • Breaking or Burning Amber: Being healthy.
  • Buying Amber: Getting sick.
  • Buying Much Amber: Financial difficulty.
  • Losing or Giving Amber: Monetary loss.
  • Small Amber Piece: Having monetary problems.
  • Smelling Ambergris: Goodwill of your friends about you.

Ambition: Being ambitious or seeing someone ambitious at your dream implies being a loved and popular person.

Ambulance: To see an ambulance at your dream signifies you won’t get any help despite you need.

Ambush: To see an ambush in your dream means having a new friend.

  • Laying an Ambush: Being in danger owing to a malicious person.

Ammo: Seeing ammo at your dream purports having financial difficulties because of your spending.

Ammonia: To smell ammonia in your dream symbolizes you will be in danger in a short period.

Amulet: To see an amulet at your dream symbolizes receiving good news.

Amusement Park: To see an amusement park in your dream purports living in abundance.

Anathema: Seeing something about anathema in your dream implies being in danger owing to malicious friends.

Anatomy: To see something about anatomy in your dream means you will have to work for getting rid of a received bad news.

Anchor: Seeing an anchor in your dream symbolizes having a successful life, getting rid of all sorrow, being rich and having a good relationship with your partner.

Anchovy: Seeing anchovy in your dream signifies being successful at your life, having much money and being happy.

  • Eating Anchovy: Deterioration of your health status owing to a friend’s recommendation.

Anecdote: Listening to an anecdote at your dream symbolizes getting rid of bad feelings and fulfillment of your wishes.

Anesthetize: To anesthetizing yourself in your dream signifies healing of a patient or helping someone.

Angel Food Cake: Seeing angel food cake in your dream implies having guests.

Angel: To see an angel at your dream symbolizes getting rid of sorrow and sadness.

  • Angels: Being in danger.
  • Angry Angel: Sorrow and grief.
  • Archangel Michael: Having much money.
  • Archangel Raphael: Epidemic disease and danger of death.
  • Archangel: To see an Archangel in your dream symbolizes having a long life.
  • Being Angel: Having much money.
  • Sleeping with an Angel: Receiving good news and being happy.
  • Smiling Angel: Living in abundance.
  • Talking with an Angel: Getting rid of all troubles.

Anger: Being angry at your dream purports being in trouble at work because of malicious people around you.

Angina: Being angina in your dream signifies living in trouble because of debts or an untrustworthy friend.

Animal: To see an animal in your dream symbolizes you should be more sensitive about animals.

  • Animal Barber: Monetary loss and enemies.
  • Animal Bone: Having new estates.
  • Animal Fat: Having a long life.
  • Animal Herd: Living in happiness.
  • Baby Animal: Getting rid of problems and living in peace.
  • Bovine Animal: Getting married, being successful, monetary gain or having a heritage.
  • Buying Animal: Getting married and having a profitable business.
  • Killing a Wild Animal: Defeating enemies.
  • Saddled Animal: A profitable business and taking a journey.
  • Selling Animal: Monetary loss.
  • Talking with a Wild Animal: Monetary gain.
  • Wild Animal in Cage: Defeating enemies.
  • Wild Animal: Having much money.

Announce: To announce your secrets at your dream implies having new enemies

  • Announcing your Sins: Gaining fame and reputation.

Announcement: To see an announcement in your dream signifies taking a journey.

Ant: Seeing ant in your dream implies having a long life and much money.

  • Ants at Home: Having new family members.
  • Ants at Mouth or Nose: Danger of death.
  • Ants: Financial gain.
  • Getting something from Ants: Being happy.
  • Leaving of the Ants from House: Having family problems.
  • Seeing ants taking something from your house: Being in trouble.
  • To see ants descending upon something means danger of death for one of your relatives and friends.

Antenna: To see an antenna in your dream means suffering owing to a stranger and disappearance of something you have.

Antichrist: To see Antichrist at your dream symbolizes being harmed by your enemies.

Antique: To buy an antique in your dream signifies being in a mental depression.

  • Antique Dealer: Being successful at work.

Anus: Seeing anus in your dream symbolizes being in safe.

  • Health Problems about Anus: Cheating one of your friends.

Anvil: To see an anvil at your dream signifies having much money owing to your hard working.

Apartment: To see an apartment in your dream means wealth and prosperity.

Aphorism: To see aphorism in your dream means being a loved person.

Apostle: To see one of the 12 apostles in your dream purports being successful at work and living in abundance.

Appendicitis: Being appendicitis in your dream symbolizes your marriage will give you luck and happiness.

Applause: To hear applause in your dream signifies flattery and lies. If you acclaim for a famous person, it symbolizes sadness and sorrow.

Apple: Seeing an apple in your dream signifies having a joyful life.

  • Apple Dessert: Fulfillment of your wishes and gaining reputation.
  • Apple Liqueur: Pain and sorrow.
  • Apple Tree: Being happy.
  • Collecting Apple: Falling in love.
  • Cooking an Apple: Sorrow and hopelessness.
  • Dry Apple Tree: Poorness.
  • Giving an Apple: Financial loss because of fake friends.
  • Peeling an Apple: Having bad relationship with a friend.
  • Sour Apple: Anger and fight.
  • Sweet Apple: Being happy.

Appointment: To see an appointment in your dream signifies living in happiness.

  • Breaking an Appointment: Sorrow and sadness.

Appreciation: Being appreciated or appreciating someone in your dream symbolizes fulfillment of your wishes.

Apricot: Seeing apricot in your dream implies hopelessness.

  • Apricot Tree: Meeting a rich and malicious person.
  • Collecting Apricot: Falling in love.
  • Eating Apricot: Having a happy life.
  • Green Apricot: Monetary gain and being healthy.
  • Wild Apricot: Financial gain.
  • Yellow Apricot: Monetary loss because of disease.

April: To see something about this month in your dream implies receiving good news.

Apron: Seeing an apron at your dream means having problems at your work.

Aquarium: To see an aquarium in your dream implies waste of time and misfortune.

Arab: To see an Arab in your dream implies pleasing news.

  • Being an Arab: Financial loss.

Arabia: To see Arabia in your dream implies a short journey.

Archaeology: To deal with archeology in your dream implies you will fail owing to your harmful friendships.

Architect: To see an architect in your dream symbolizes gaining honor and reputation.

Area: To see any area in your dream symbolizes getting rid of all your fear and success at your business.

Arm: Seeing arm in your dream implies taking a journey.

  • Broken Arm: Getting married.

Armband: To see an armband in your dream signifies being an important person and living in peace.

  • Silver Armband: Having bad relationship with friends.

Armchair: To see an armchair in your dream symbolizes having health and monetary problems.

Armor: Seeing armor in your dream symbolizes getting rid of troubles, living in abundance and happiness.

Army: To see an army at your dream means living in abundance.

  • Defeated Army: Feeling sad because of malicious people.
  • Victorious Army: Gaining reputation and being successful at business.

Arrow: To see an arrow in your dream implies taking a journey for business, being in love and fulfillment of your desires.

  • Archer: War and sorrow.
  • Being Hit from your Heart with an Arrow: Falling in love.
  • Broken Arrow: Being in trouble about business.
  • Coming Back of your Arrow: Failure.
  • Having a Quiver: Getting married with a good person.
  • Hitting a Target with Arrow: Having a child.
  • Holding an Arrow: Having a good child.
  • Iron Arrow: Fulfillment of your wishes.
  • Quiver: Meeting a good person.
  • Shooting an Arrow: Being in danger and gaining reputation.
  • Taking a Quiver from someone: Being successful at business.

Arrowroot: To see arrowroot in your dream implies healthy, cheerful and beautiful days.

Arsenic: Interacting with arsenic in any way at your dream symbolizes a long and healthy life.

  • Eating Arsenic: Danger of death.
  • Yellow Arsenic: Being sick.

Artichoke: To see artichoke at your dream purports being heathy.

Article: To see an article in your dream signifies financial gain.

  • Bad Article: Being good person.

Artillery Battery: To see artillery battery at your dream symbolizes getting joyful news.

  • Firing Artillery Battery: Having enemies close to you.

Artist: To see an artist in your dream signifies defeating enemies, being successful at work and being in love.

Ascetic: To see someone ascetic in your dream purports being in danger owing to your arrogance.

Ash: To see ash at your dream purports having monetary problems or meeting a rich person.

  • Ash in Mouth: Cheating someone.
  • Being Covered with Ash: Having bad relationship with someone because of monetary events.
  • Eating Ash: Illegal gain.
  • Sitting on Ash: Being in trouble owing to cheat and gossip.

Ashura: To eat Ashura in your dream symbolizes a profitable business.

Asia: To see yourself in Asia at your dream signifies being daydreamer and romantic. Also, it symbolizes meeting with an old friend.

Asparagus: Seeing asparagus in your dream implies having a healthy life.

Asphalt: To walk on asphalt road in your dream means overcoming obstacles and having a calm life.

Assistant: To see yourself being an assistant in your dream symbolizes winning big success in a short time.

Astrakhan: To see astrakhan in your dream implies traveling abroad.

Astrologer: To see an astrologer at your dream symbolizes despair and grief.

Atheist: To see an atheist in your dream symbolizes being in danger.

Athlete: To see an athlete in your dream purports having a healthy life.

  • To see yourself being an athlete in your dream symbolizes having hard time in business life.

Atom: To do something about atom in your dream signifies staying out of danger and the development of life standards.

Attack Bugle: To see or play the attack bugle at your dream signifies having a happy life.

Attic: To see attic in your dream signifies being successful and gaining fame.

Auger: To see an auger at your dream symbolizes being successful at work easily.

  • Broken Auger: Financial loss and failing at business.
  • Drilling with an Auger: Having a good future.
  • Making an Auger: Being cautious for getting rid of your problems.
  • Selling an Auger: Helping someone.

August: To see August month in your dream signifies important events in your life will have negative results.

Aunt: To see your aunt in your dream signifies unexpected money and happiness.

Australia: To see Australia in you dream means having a cheerful friend or an entertaining life partner.

Austria: To see Austria in your dream signifies having a thoughtful friend, being interested in art and being emotional.

Autopsy: To see an autopsy in your dream means being in trouble owing to your own faults and danger of death.

Autumn: To see autumn in your dream signifies having health problems and being sad owing to receiving death news.

Avalanche: Seeing avalanche in your dream purports facing difficulties.

Avenue: To see an avenue in your dream implies success and happiness.

  • Big Avenue: Fulfillment of your wishes, defeating enemies and being successful at life.
  • Damaging the Avenue: Problems at work.
  • Getting out of the Avenue: Getting rid of all troubles.
  • If the avenue is surrounded by trees, it symbolizes getting help from important people.
  • Old and Damaged Avenue: Having troubles at business.
  • Planting a Tree at the Avenue: Being an important person.
  • Repairing the Avenue: Trying to solve business problems.
  • Walking at the Avenue: Gaining money hardly and being successful despite difficulties.
  • Well-maintained Avenue: Perfect monetary gain.

Axe: To see an axe in your dream purports losing your job.

  • Axe without Stem: Dissatisfaction.
  • Blunt Axe: Having financial problems.
  • Cutting Tree with an Axe: Falling into a trap or being under arrest.
  • Cutting Wood with an Axe: Having a happy marriage.
  • Killing a Wild Animal with an Axe: Defeating all of the enemies.
  • Killing someone with an Axe: Having a child, being successful or monetary gain.
  • Sharpening an Axe: Having troubles with some malicious people.

Ayran: To see ayran in your dream implies increasing in income, getting help from a close friend or having good business friends.