Eagle: To see an eagle at your dream symbolizes being successful and having a good position at work.

  • Eagle Attack: Financial loss.
  • Eagle Meat or Bone: Being successful at business and financial gain.
  • Eagle on your Head: Being punished because of your own fault.
  • Falling down from the Eagle: Reputation loss.
  • Riding an Eagle: Taking a long journey.
  • Young Eagle: Having a brilliant child.

Ear: To see ear in your dream implies having good time with relatives.

  • A Cut Ear: Danger of death for one of your relatives.
  • Animal Ear: Having a happy life.
  • Being Deaf: Being a malicious person.
  • Big Ear: Being an honest person.
  • Ear Clean: Receiving good news.
  • Putting something in the Ear: Being sad because of getting some negative news.
  • Small Ear: Making serious mistakes.
  • Something in your Ear: Receiving bad news.

Earring: Seeing an earring in your dream purports living in abundance, getting married and having a child.

  • Buying, Taking or Finding Earring: Living in peace.
  • Giving or Selling Earring: Being in trouble.

Earthenware Jar: To see earthenware jar in your dream means having precious things.

  • Broken Earthenware Jar: Being in danger and monetary loss.
  • Earthenware Jar in Forest: Having much money unexpectedly.
  • Earthenware Jar in House: Getting married with a rich person.
  • Filled Earthenware Jar: Monetary gain.
  • Holding an Earthenware Jar: Being helpful.

Earthenware: Seeing an earthenware in your dream symbolizes financial gain.

  • Licking the Earthenware: Monetary problems.

Earthquake: Seeing earthquake in your dream symbolizes being in danger and financial loss.

Easter: To see something about Easter in your dream purports being in love and living in peace.

Eave: To see eave in your dream signifies being supported by an important person.

  • Being under the Eave: Being friend with an important person.
  • Demolition of the Eave: Financial loss.
  • Kissing the Eave: An important woman.
  • Sitting on the Eave: Having a big heritage.

Ebony Tree: To see ebony tree in your dream Symbolizes to meet a very powerful and   stubborn person. 

  • Carpenter of Ebony Tree: Scary and bad news.
  • Furniture Made From Ebony Tree: Having a fatal accident because of imprudence.

Echo: To hear echo in your dream signifies getting married and gaining reputation.

Egg: To see an egg in your dream means having a long life, monetary gain, having a child and fulfillment of your wishes.

  • Broken Egg: Monetary loss.
  • Chick Emerging from Egg: Having a profitable business.
  • Colorful Egg: Sorrow and sadness.
  • Eating Egg Shell: Deceiving people.
  • Eating Egg: Living in abundance.
  • Omelette: Having bad relationship with your friends owing to your own faults.

Eggnog: To drink eggnog at your dream implies financial gain, having a happy life, getting married and having a child.

Eggplant: Seeing eggplant in your dream symbolizes gaining fame and reputation.

  • Black Eggplant: Losing reputation.
  • Eating Eggplant: Having monetary problems.
  • White Eggplant: Being a loved person.

Eglantine: Seeing eglantine at your dream signifies falling in love.

Elaeagnus: Seeing Elaeagnus at your dream signifies having new estates.

  • Eating Elaeagnus: Monetary gain.
  • Elaeagnus Tree: Meeting a helpful, benign and reliable person.
  • Selling Elaeagnus: Helping people around you.
  • Wild Elaeagnus: Financial loss.

Elder Brother: To see your elder brother in your dream means you don’t need support at all your life. Additionally, you will have much money.

Elephant: To see an elephant in your dream signifies having a long life, being successful at work and financial gain.

  • Buying an Elephant: Having a happy life.
  • Dismounting from the Elephant: Losing your job or financial loss.
  • Feeding the Elephant: Being supported by a rich person.
  • Ivory: Being lucky.
  • Riding an Elephant: Having a good position at work.
  • Selling an Elephant: Being in trouble.

Elevator: To see an elevator in your dream symbolizes getting rid of your financial burden.

Emblem: To see an emblem in your dream implies an unexpected gift.

Embroidery: To see embroidery in your dream implies you should be more careful about your health.

Emerald: To see emerald in your dream implies being successful at work, living in abundance, falling in love and having reliable friends.

Emperor: To see an emperor at your dream implies getting married, living in abundance, gaining fame and reputation.

  • Angry Emperor: Monetary loss.
  • Getting something from the Emperor: Having much money.
  • Giving something to the Emperor: Financial troubles.
  • Smiling Emperor: Financial gain.
  • Talking with the Emperor: Having a profitable business.

Encyclopedia: To see an encyclopedia in your dream symbolizes meeting with some knowledgeable people.

End Credits: Seeing end credits at your dream implies having an adventure.

Enemy: Seeing an enemy in your dream implies being in danger.

  • Armed Enemy: Making peace with an enemy.
  • Eating with the Enemy: Falling in love.
  • Fighting with the Enemy: Being loved because of your behaviors.
  • Going to a Place with the Enemy: Being very successful.
  • Making Fun of the Enemy: A secret trap.
  • Talking with the Enemy: Running away from a dangerous situation.

Engineer: To see an engineer at your dream purports being in danger and having enemies.

Engraver: To see an engraver at your dream implies being sad.

Enterprise: To see something about an enterprise in your dream symbolizes living in abundance.

Entrust: To entrust something to someone in your dream implies learning that person’s secret.

  • Entrusting something to a Dead Person: Loss of that thing.
  • Entrusting something to a Wrong Person: Everybody will learn your secret.
  • Entrusting something to your Spouse: Having a child.

Envelope: Seeing an envelope at your dream signifies receiving good news.

  • Taking Envelope from someone: Receiving news about a friend.

Envy: To envy for something in your dream signifies being sick.

Epaulette: To have an epaulette in your dream signifies falling into funny situations because of unmannerliness.

Epic: Seeing something about an epic in your dream purports having bad relationship with some of relatives because of heritage.

Epicene: To see someone epicene in your dream implies working with an unreliable person.

Epiglottis: To see epiglottis in your dream means having a good position at work.

Epilating Wax: To see epilating wax in your dream signifies getting rid of all of your fears.

  • Using Epilating Wax: Danger of death.

Epilepsy: To see something about epilepsy in your dream purports having a bad life.

  • Having Epilepsy: Being in danger.

Ermine: To see an ermine at your dream means being successful and lucky.

Escape: To escape from something in your dream signifies being in safe.

  • To see someone escaping in your dream implies having a strong enemy.

Ether: Seeing or smelling ether in your dream implies getting bad news.

Etiquette: To see something about etiquette in your dream implies you should work harder for being successful.

Eunuch: To see a eunuch at your dream implies you should work harder for fulfillment of your wishes.

  • Bad Looking Eunuch: Being in danger.
  • Being Eunuch: Defeating enemies, being popular and rich.
  • Doing Business with the Eunuch: Being successful.
  • Handsome Eunuch: Being happy.
  • Receiving News from the Eunuch: That news will be real.
  • Taking something from the Eunuch: Financial gain.
  • The Eunuch at your House: Being in safe and having much money.

Europe: To see yourself in Europe at your dream signifies improving yourself.

Eve: To see Eve at your dream implies having good children, living in abundance and happiness.

  • Eve with Adam: Sorrow and sadness.

Ewer: To see ewer at your dream symbolizes child, marriage, long life, monetary gain and being helpful.

  • Broken or Old Ewer: Being in danger.
  • Collecting Ewer: Being in good mood.
  • New Ewer: Being in safe.
  • Precious Ewer: Being successful at work, gaining honor and reputation.
  • Water Filled Ewer: Being happy.

Exam: To see an exam in your dream implies receiving happy news.

  • Being Successful at the Exam: Being in trouble.
  • Being Teacher at the Exam: Having a good future.

Execution: Seeing an execution or being executed in your dream signifies having a good position at business and financial gain.

  • Escaping from the Execution: Having problems at business and being poor.
  • Executing yourself: Having a good job.
  • Execution Prisoner: Gaining a good position and reputation.
  • Execution with Guillotine: Being in trouble.
  • Executioner: Disease, sadness or family problems.
  • Executioner’s Head: You should be very careful because of dangers around you.
  • People who are executed: Being an important person.

Executive Office: To see an executive office at your dream symbolizes taking a journey.

Exhibition: To see an exhibition at your dream implies having new estates.

  • Buying something from the Exhibition: Having a profitable business and being rich.
  • Demolition of the Exhibition: Having family problems.
  • Having the Exhibition: Monetary gain.
  • Selling something at the Exhibition: Helping some people about monetary problems

Exile: Being exiled or seeing someone exiled in your dream signifies facing difficulties.

Expert: To see an expert in your dream means monetary loss, sorrow and grief.

Exposition: Exposing something in your dream purports gaining honor and reputation.

Eye: Seeing eye in your dream has many meanings.

  • Black Eye: Happiness and peace.
  • Blue Eye: Being helpful.
  • Glass Eye: Being an important person.
  • Green Eye: Being nervous.
  • Hazel Eye: Being kind and thoughtful.
  • Holding your Eyes: Danger of death.
  • Visual Impairment: Being in trouble with your friends.

Eyebrow: Seeing eyebrow in your dream implies having new family members, gaining honor and reputation.

  • Eyebrow Loss: Having good fortune.
  • Shaving Eyebrow: Monetary loss.
  • Tidying Eyebrows: Reputation loss and having health problems.
  • To see your eyebrows bigger means financial gain and having a long life.
  • White Eyebrow: Being a loved person.

Eyeglasses: Seeing, buying, finding or wearing sunglasses in your dream purports getting married, being rich, healing, financial gain or having a good position at work.

  • Lost or Broken Eyeglasses: Being in trouble.

Eyelash: Seeing eyelash in your dream implies having a child and gaining reputation.

  • Combing Eyelash: Being healthy and gaining reputation.
  • Shaving Eyelash: Financial loss.
  • To see your eyelash bigger means having a long life and monetary gain.
  • White Eyelash: Gaining reputation.