Face: To see a face in your dream implies gaining reputation, living in peace and abundance.

Factory: To see a factory at your dream symbolizes monetary gain.

  • Active Factory: Having a happy life.
  • Being Worker at the Factory: Having a new job.
  • Entering the Factory: Being successful at work.
  • Factory Owner: Being supported by an important person.
  • Getting out of the Factory: Failing at business.
  • Managing the Factory: Having a good position at work and being happy at your love life.

Fairness: If you are a fair person in your dream, it signifies you will be very happy after a long sorrowful time period.

Fairy: To see a fairy in your dream implies living in peace and defeating enemies.

Falcon: Seeing a falcon at your dream signifies having a child, being successful at work and living in abundance.

Fall in Love: To fall in love in your dream purports great happiness and joy.

  • Falling in Love with a Young Person: Fulfillment of your wish.
  • Falling in Love with an Old Person: Having a long life.
  • Reunion of Lovers: Gaining benefits.
  • To see someone falling in love with you means you will help that person.

Fall: Falling at your dream purports having secret enemies.

  • Falling into the Water: Danger of death.
  • To see something falling in your dream implies you won’t be as successful as you want.

Fallow: To see something about fallow at your dream signifies getting rid of all problems.

False Acacia: To see false acacia in your dream symbolizes having a secret enemy around you.

Fame: Gaining fame at your dream signifies having a good position at work and living in abundance.

Family: To see your family happy in your dream signifies good news. If your family is sad, it symbolizes deep sorrow.

  • If you see death of one from your family, it means your family’s enemies will fail.
  • If you see going abroad of one from your family, it signifies the people you love will come to visit your home.
  • If your partner leaves you in your dream, it symbolizes never ending family happiness.
  • To see inviting of your son to the army, it symbolizes a scapegrace child.

Famine: To see famine in your dream implies having monetary problems and losing some of your friends.

Famous: To see something or someone famous in your dream implies being successful at work and getting rid of monetary problems.

  • Being Famous: Helping people and living in peace despite monetary problems.

Farm: To see a farm in your dream implies monetary gain and happiness.

  • Big Farm: Being successful at life.
  • Damaged Farm: Monetary loss.

Farmer: Seeing a farmer in your dream symbolizes living in abundance, having a trustful friend and getting news.

  • Being Caught by the Farmer: Being successful at work.
  • Being with the Farmer: Being happy.
  • Crying Farmer: Getting good news.
  • Giving something to the Farmer: Financial loss.
  • Having Bad Relationship with the Farmer: Monetary loss because of your own fault.
  • Smiling Farmer: Taking sad news.
  • Taking something from the Farmer: Monetary gain.

Fart: To see someone farting in your dream symbolizes being in trouble and living alone.

  • Farting Noisy: Having new enemies.
  • Farting Silently: Sorrow and sadness.

Fashion Model: To see a fashion model at your dream signifies being in trouble with a mad person.

Fashion: To see something about fashion at your dream signifies being a well-groomed person.

  • Being Interested in Fashion: Being a loved person.

Fat: Being fat or seeing someone fat in your dream purports monetary gain.

Father: To see your father in your dream symbolizes fulfillment of desires, monetary gain or getting rid of all troubles.

  • If you see your dead father in your dream, it signifies you should help some people around you.
  • If you see your father dead in your dream, it means suffering.
  • If your father fights with someone from your family in your dream, it purports separation.
  • If your father gets away from the home, it implies bitter news.
  • Seeing your father in danger, it means having bad relationship with your father.
  • To see your father fighting with your mom, it signifies separation from your family.
  • To see your father got married again, it symbolizes having a successful life.
  • To see your father showing fondness to you, it implies living far from troubles.
  • To see your father sick: Wasting money.

Father-in-Law: To see your father-in-law at your dream symbolizes being a malicious person and taking a journey.

Favor: Doing favor at your dream symbolizes financial gain.

Fear: Feeling fear in your dream signifies being in danger.

  • Fearing from someone: Being in safe.

Feast: To see a feast in your dream means being in danger.

  • Eating at Feast: Getting married and monetary gain.
  • Giving a Feast: Having a long life, living in peace and happiness.

Feather: To see feather in your dream purports being in love and fulfillment of your wishes.

Fee: To see something about             some kind of fee in your dream purports helping people around you.

  • Paying a Fee: Living in happiness.
  • Taking Fee: Having a new job.

Feed: To feed your child at your dream signifies having a big support at all of your life.

  • Feeding an Animal: Having much money for only one time of your life.

Feedbox: To see a feedbox in your dream means gaining honor and reputation.

Felt: Seeing felt in your dream means being in love with a shy person.

  • Felt Maker: You should be patient for your own sake.

Fence: Seeing fence in your dream means getting married or having troubles at your business.

Fertilizer: To see fertilizer in your dream implies trying to get rid of troubles you have.

  • Bringing Fertilizer to Your Home: Being successful at work and financial gain.
  • Buying Fertilizer: Financial gain.
  • Fertilizer in Your Pocket: Being rich.
  • Fertilizing of a Field: A profitable business.
  • Removing Fertilizer from Your House: Monetary loss.
  • Selling Fertilizer: Financial loss.

Fetus: Seeing a fetus in your dream purports failing at business and financial loss.

Fever: To fever owing to a disease in your dream purports being very successful at work.

Fibre: Seeing fibre in your dream purports financial gain.

Field Mouse: To see field mouse in your dream signifies getting rid of all health problems.

Field: To see field in your dream implies living in abundance.

Fig: Seeing fig in your dream has many different meanings.

  • Arabia Fig: Being successful at work and monetary gain.
  • Black Fig: Sorrow and sadness.
  • Buying or Planting a Fig Tree: Financial gain owing to a profitable business.
  • Collecting Fig: Being loved.
  • Eating Fig: Monetary gain and meeting a rich person.
  • Fig Tree: Having a popular and rich friend.
  • Green Fig: Having monetary problems.
  • Seeing or Eating Dried Fig: Having new estates.
  • Sitting under a Fig Tree: A new friend.
  • Yellow Fig: Disease.

Fight: To see a fight in your dream means overcoming difficulties and fulfillment of your wishes.

  • Fight between People you don’t Know: Having problems with your friend.
  • Fight between People you Know: A marriage.

Film: To film in your dream implies gaining honor and reputation.

Finch: To see a finch in your dream signifies living in abundance.

Find: To find something at your dream symbolizes having an unexpected thing.

  • Finding a Bad Thing: Negative events.
  • Finding a Good Thing: Positive situations.
  • Finding Coal: Wealth and abundance.
  • Finding Dress: Earning much money from your business.
  • Finding Food: Having a good life.
  • Finding Onion or Garlic: Unjust gain.
  • Finding Something Precious: Financial loss.

Finger: To see a finger in your dream symbolizes having a child and monetary gain.

  • Beautiful Fingers: Living in abundance.
  • Biting Finger: Being sick and monetary loss.
  • Damaged Finger: Being in trouble owing to your own fault and monetary loss.
  • Dry Fingers: Danger of death.
  • Finger Licking: Having monetary problems.
  • Finger Nail: Defeating enemies.
  • Finger Pain: Being in trouble at work and having monetary problems.
  • Long Fingers: Gaining honor and reputation.
  • Many Fingers: Having much money.
  • Middle Finger: Being successful at work.
  • Right Hand Fingers: Helping people around you.
  • Small Fingers: Being a loved person.
  • Toes: Financial gain.

Finland: Seeing Finland in your dream implies being hopeless about your dreams.

Fire Department: Seeing fire department in your dream implies being sad because of gossip.

Fire: To see fire in your dream symbolizes being in trouble.

  • A Dying Fire: One of your elders will be in danger.
  • Being Injured with Fire: Receiving bad news.
  • Boiling Pot at Fire: Unexpected failure.
  • Burning a Fire at a Desolate Place: Returning to your homeland.
  • Burning House: Being successful at your business.
  • Burning Yourself with Fire: You should help some of people around you.
  • Cooking Meat at Fire: Gossiping about you.
  • Empty Pot on Fire: Getting damage from people around you.
  • Extinguishing Fire with Water: Poverty and failure at work.
  • Extinguishing Fire: Good News.
  • Falling Fire from Sky: Disaster.
  • Falling Fire to Somewhere: Infectious disease or war will be seen at that place.
  • Finding Yourself in Fire: Be cautious.
  • Fire Damage on Crop: The burning crop will be expensive.
  • Fire Eating Person: That person is malicious and dangerous.
  • Fire with White Smoke: Getting rid of all problems.
  • Forest Fire: Danger of death.
  • Looking Fire: Grieving owing to news.
  • Making Meal with Fire: Nice chat and good news.
  • Seeing Fire Appearing from Somewhere: To face difficulties.
  • Seeing fire at a stove or something like that in your dream symbolizes having a child.
  • Seeing Fire on Your Head: A dangerous disease.
  • To see revival of extinguished fire owing to wind means theft at your home.
  • To See Your House Burning: Unjust gain.

Firecracker: To see firecracker at your dream symbolizes receiving news about a marriage.

Firedamp: Seeing something about firedamp in your dream signifies sorrow and grief.

Firefly: To see firefly in your dream purports having good health and great happiness in a short time.

Firework: Seeing firework at your dream means being famous and receiving good news.

  • Setting off Firework: You should be more careful about your acts.

Fish: To see fish in your dream purports meeting a woman.

  • A Fish Shaped Island: Having money and estates unexpectedly.
  • Big Fish: Meeting with a reputed person.
  • Bluefish: Living in peace.
  • Boiled Fish: Fake love.
  • Buying Fish: Getting married.
  • Caviar: Bad news. If you it caviar in your dream means having some problems at your business.
  • Dead Fish in Sea: Having an impossible request.
  • Dried Fish: Financial gain.
  • Eating Bluefish: Gaining fame and reputation.
  • Eating Salted Fish: A severe disease.
  • Eating Stinky Fish: Illegitimate relationship.
  • Fall into Fishing Net: Being sick or being under arrest.
  • Fish Roast: Unexpected death.
  • Fisherman at Sea: Happiness for all your family.
  • Fisherman: To see a fisherman in your dream symbolizes monetary loss because of behaving badly to people around you.
  • Fishermen’s Fight: Failing about your desires.
  • Fishing at Blurred Water: Great sorrow.
  • Fishing from Water Well: Falling in love with someone.
  • Fishing Net: To see fishing net in your dream implies defeating the enemies, monetary gain and fulfillment of your wishes.
  • Fishing on the Land: Getting joyful news.
    • Fishing Rod: To see fishing rod at your dream means monetary gain and having a new business.
  • Fishing: Fame and monetary gain.
  • Fresh Fish: Getting married.
  • Getting and eating a fish from the sea divided two pieces in your dream implies fulfillment of your desires and gaining success at scientific field.
  • Getting rid of Fishbone: Someone will try to cheat you.
    • Hunting with Fishing Net: Distressful love or a profitable business. If you catch fish with net, it means you will earn much money in a short period. If you can’t catch, it signifies wasting time.
  • Missing the Fish You Caught: Having chat with a very important person.
  • Red Fish: Being in big danger.
  • Salted Fish: Grief and sorrow.
  • Salting Fish: Health problems.
  • Seeing Fish in Water: Having a good future.
  • Selling Fish: Being success at your new job.
  • Splashing Fish: Getting joyful news.
  • Stinky Fish: Betrayal of your friends.
  • Taking a fish out of your mouth means hearing bad words.
  • To remove precious things from the fish’s stomach in your dream implies financial gain or having a boy.
  • To see a fish coming from sea to freshwater or the exact opposite in your dream signifies rebellion in the army, civil commotion or trouble at your business.
  • To see a fish on your bed means disease and being in danger.
  • To see a fisherman drowned in your dream purports upcoming danger.
  • To see a fisherman fishing signifies failing at your life owing to your wrong decisions.
  • To see a fried fish coming from the sky to you in your dream symbolizes glory, success, fame and joy.
  • To see a seal on fish in your dream purports having a good position at business.
  • To see catching of a big fish in your dream symbolizes getting rid of a cruel and vengeful enemy.
  • To see many them, eating, catching or sharing fishes in your dream symbolizes much money and estates.
  • To see small and big fishes near your location signifies people around you will come together because of a big event.
    • Torn Fishing Net: Financial loss.

Flag: To see your country’s flag in your dream symbolizes gaining honor and reputation.

  • Big Flag: Getting married.
  • Black Flag: Danger of death.
  • Fallen Flag: Being harmed owing to your enemies.
  • Flag on the Sky: Encountering exciting events.
  • Giving Flag to Someone: Monetary loss.
  • Holding a Flag: Financial gain.
  • Opening a Flag: Getting rid of all enemies.
  • Red Flag: Having problem at your marriage or a dangerous situation like fire.
  • White Flag: Having a docile life.

Flame: To see flame in your dream means financial loss for a short period. After that your business will be fine.

  • If flame burns you, it symbolizes you will be abandoned by your close friends.
  • If you swallow flame, it signifies pain and sorrow.

Flea Market: To see flea market at your dream signifies failing at work, financial loss and being unhealthy.

Flea: Seeing flea in your dream symbolizes enemies and gossip.

  • Flea Attack: Being in trouble owing to your enemies.
  • Flea Bite: Having new estates.
  • Killing Flea: Defeating enemies.

Fleet: Seeing fleet in your dream signifies having a good position at work and being popular.

Flint: Seeing flint at your dream implies an accident resulting in financial damage and monetary problems.

Flirt: To flirt in your dream symbolizes having problems at your love life.

Flood: Seeing flood at your dream symbolizes receiving surprising news and being in danger.

  • Being in Flood Zone: Being sick and danger of death.
  • Escaping from Flood: Getting rid of health problems.

Flour: Seeing flour in your dream implies living in abundance.

Flower: Seeing flower at your dream symbolizes having a child, getting rid of all sorrow and being happy.

  • Collecting Flowers: Falling in love, getting married or having a child.
  • Colorful Flowers: Financial gain.
  • Dry Flower: Disease and monetary loss.
  • Faded Flower: End of your happy days.
  • Flower among Herbs: After a problematic period having a good job and being rich.
  • Flower Crown: Marriage and abundance.
  • Flower Garden: Having a healthy, joyful life and fulfillment of your wishes.
  • Flowering Tree: Being successful at work and having much money.
  • Flowering Tree: Being successful at work and having much money.
  • Fragrant Flower: Having a loyal and reliable friend.
  • Planting a Flower to a Flowerpot: Dealing with some personal matters.
  • Seeing Flower out of Season: Sorrow and sadness.
  • Taking or Giving Flower: Getting good news.
    • Unique Flower: Meeting with important people.

Flowerpot: To see a flowerpot in your dream being successful at work and getting married.

  • Broken Flowerpot: Having family problems and monetary loss.
  • Flower with Flowerpot: Being successful at life.
  • Planting Flower to the Flowerpot: Financial gain and having a child.

Flu: Catching flu at your dream implies being ill.

Flue: To see a flue in your dream purports temporary gain.

  • Cleaning Flue: Healing.
  • Collapsing Flue: Severe illness or death to someone around you.
  • Dirty Flue: Deceiving by your enemies.
  • Home’s Flue: Abundance and joy.
  • Smoking Flue: Sorrow at your home.

Flute: Seeing a flute at your dream signifies getting happy news.

  • Golden Flute: Gaining fame and reputation.
  • Having a Flute: Having a good position at work and being happy.
  • Playing Flute: Being healthy, having a child and living in abundance.

Fly: To fly in your dream means having a good position at work and taking a journey.

Fly: To see a fly in your dream purports defeating enemies.

  • Being Bitten by a Mosquito: Being in trouble owing to a malicious person.
  • Catching a Mosquito: Having a secret enemy.
  • Flies around You: Receiving bad news and being in danger.
  • Flies on Food: Monetary loss.
  • Fly at Ear: Receiving bad news.
  • Holding a Fly: Defeating enemies.
  • House Fly: Being sick.
  • Killing a Fly: Getting rid of all troubles and defeating enemies.
  • Killing a Mosquito: Defeating enemies and getting rid of troubles.
  • Mosquito at Home: Having family problems and being sick.
  • Mosquito: Being in danger because of your enemies.
  • Mosquitos around You: Sorrow and sadness.
  • Swallowing a Fly: Financial gain.
  • Swallowing a Mosquito: Being in danger.

Foam: Seeing some kind of foam at your dream purports being rich and living in abundance.

Fog: To see fog in your dream implies having monetary problems.

  • Being in Fog: Being in trouble at work and financial loss.
  • Dispersion of Fog: Monetary gain and being an important person.
  • Escaping from Fog: Getting rid of troubles.
  • Fog around your Home: Being ill.

Folding Partition: Seeing folding partition in your dream symbolizes losing honor and reputation.

Folklore: Seeing something about folklore at your dream means socializing and trying new social activities.

Follow: Following someone or being followed in your dream means feeling sorry owing to your love life.

Food: Seeing food in your dream purports getting rid of troubles and living in abundance.

  • Bad Food: Sorrow and sadness.
  • Delicious Food: Living in abundance and happiness.
  • Dining Hall: Financial gain owing to being supported by an important person.
  • Hot Food: Being in danger.
  • Lost Food: Having monetary problems and being in trouble.
  • Rotten Food: Having illegal gain.
  • Sour Food: Being sick.
  • Taking Food from someone: Financial gain.

Foot: To see foot in your dream purports wealth, health and joy.

  • A Dead Person’s Foot: That person is in heaven.
  • An Immoral Person’s Foot: Regretting owing to your sins.
  • Bare Foot: Covering the blame.
  • Broken Foot: Having problems with your family.
  • Cutting Foot: Getting a reward for the job you do.
  • Damaged Foot Bone: Danger of death for a relative.
  • Extra 1 Foot: Great wealth and prosperity.
  • Foot Bristle: To pay the redemption of your sin.
  • Foot Slipping: Bad destiny or a big trouble. If you don’t fall although your foot slipped in your dream, it symbolizes getting rid of your troubles with someone’s help.
  • Foot Sole: You will need rest owing to your business life.
  • Gangrene Foot: Being abandoned by your friends.
  • Girl’s Foot: Being successful at business.
  • Interrupted Foot: A painful disease.
  • Lame Foot: Sad news.
  • Small Foot: You should be careful about water like sea or lake.
  • Toes: Property and wealth.
  • Washing Foot: Financial gain.
  • White Foot: Getting rid of danger.
  • Woman’s Foot: Having a hard life.

Football: Watching football in your dream signifies you should be careful about your friends.

  • Playing Football: Being rich.

Foothill: To see a foothill or climbing on it in your dream symbolizes troubled days.

Forbidden: To see something forbidden in your dream symbolizes having new enemies because of your actions.

Forehead: To see forehead in your dream symbolizes gain influence and dominating.

  • Black Forehead: Slander.
  • To see a wound at the forehead, it signifies some problems at your future.
  • To see tumor at the forehead, it symbolizes a son.
  • White Forehead: Good fortune.

Foreigner: To see a foreigner at your dream signifies scary events.

  • Eating with the Foreigner: Monetary gain.
  • Getting Married with the Foreigner: Having a happy life.
  • Travelling with the Foreigner: Fear of death.
  • Visit of the Foreigner: Being harmed because of an important rich person.

Forelock: Seeing forelock in your dream symbolizes being in love, getting married and having new estates.

Forest: Seeing a forest in your dream means meeting a rich and helpful person.

  • Being in the Forest with a Friend: Having a profitable business.
  • Being in the Forest with a Woman: Falling in love and gaining reputation.
  • Being in the Forest: Monetary gain and being happy.
  • Collecting Wood in the Forest: Having a good life.
  • Cutting Dead Tree in the Forest: Making a big mistake.
  • Cutting Live Tree in the Forest: Danger of death.
  • Dense Forest: Fear and sorrow.
  • Sitting in the Forest: Being supported by an important person.
  • Storm at the Forest: Being in trouble.

Forget: To forget something in your dream means learning something useful.

Forgive: To see forgiving someone in your dream means forgiven person will have a long and famous life.

  • If someone forgives you in your dream it means, you will be cheated.
  • You want someone to forgive you in your dream means you will suffer because of injustice.

Fork: To see a fork in your dream symbolizes making peace with someone.

  • Big Fork: Disease and sorrow.
  • Broken Fork: Failing.
  • Buying Fork: Being cheated.
  • Little Fork: Having a calm life.

Fortress: Seeing fortress at your dream signifies defeating enemies.

Fortune-Telling: Fortune-telling at your dream symbolizes being in danger or getting harmed.

  • Fortune Teller: To see a fortune teller at your dream means meeting an unreliable and cheater person.
  • Going to the Fortune Teller: Being cheated.

Fountain Pen: To see a fountain pen in your dream means getting help for your problems at a state institution.

Fountain: Seeing a fountain at your dream implies being friend with an important person, monetary gain and abundance.

  • Clean Fountain: Getting very gratifying news.
  • Dirty Fountain: Grief and anguish.
  • Drinking Water from the Fountain: Earning money with your business partner.
  • Flowing Fountain: Wasting time.
  • Fountain without Water: Death of an important person.
  • Taking a Bath at Fountain: Getting rid of sorrow and sadness.
  • Taking Water from the Fountain: Being sick.

Fowl: Seeing a fowl at your dream symbolizes being successful at work, getting married or facing a strong enemy.

Fox: To see a fox at your dream means being deceived.

  • Fox Skin: Having illegal gain.
  • Holding the Fox: Being in trouble owing to a malicious person.

Frame: Seeing a frame in your dream signifies meeting a rich and important person.

  • Hanging the Frame to a Wall: Being an important person.

France: Seeing France in your dream signifies having a new love.

Freedom: To give freedom to someone at your dream purports getting rid of sorrow and pain.

  • Losing your Freedom: Getting rid of monetary problems and being healthy.

Freeze: Freezing at your dream purports being sick or losing friend.

  • To see your vegetables frozen means being in abundance.

French Bread: Seeing french bread in your dream symbolizes a profitable business and monetary gain.

Friday: Seeing Friday at your dream means getting rid of troubles and having much money.

Friend: To see a friend in your dream implies commercial success and good fortune.

  • Dead Friend: A long life and good fortune.
  • Fighting with a Friend: To regret due to sharing your secret.
  • Good Friend: Having a long life.
  • Malicious Friend: You should avoid fighting.
  • Sick Friend: Financial gain.
  • Travelling with a Friend: An interesting secret.
  • Your Friend’s Funeral: You should be careful because of an oncoming danger.
  • Your Friend’s Wedding: Finding real love.

Frock: To see a frock in your dream implies being in danger.

Frog: To see a frog at your dream implies meeting an important person.

  • Frog Meat: Getting help from your friends.
  • Frog Voice: Receiving bad news.
  • Frogs: Having enemies.
  • Holding or Finding a Frog: Being friend with an important person.
  • Killing a Frog: Being in trouble with an important person.
  • Raining Frogs: Being in danger owing to a disaster.
  • Tadpole: Being in love or having a child.
  • Talking with a Frog: Living in abundance.

Front Line: Seeing a front line in your dream purports suffering at your life.

Fruit Stew: Seeing fruit stew in your dream means having a long life.

  • Drinking Fruit Stew: Monetary gain and living in abundance.
  • Sour Fruit Stew: Sorrow and grief.

Fruit: To see a fruit in your dream signifies being in love.

  • Eating Fruit: Being healthy.
  • Fruit Garden: Living in abundance.
  • Immature Fruit: Being in danger because of secret enemies.

Fun: To see something funny at your dream symbolizes having a happy life.

Funeral: Seeing a funeral at your dream implies loss of money and reputation.

  • Abandoned Funeral: Being punished.
  • Carrying Funeral: Being supported by an important person, having a good position at work and having much money.
  • Crowded Funeral: Funeral owner will be an important person.
  • Crying at the Funeral: Having a good life.
  • Dealing with the Funeral Preparation: One of people around you will get married.
  • Flying Funeral: Death of an important person.
  • Funeral Convoy: Having a new life, getting married and having a child.
  • Riding a Funeral Car: Being very successful at work.
  • Walking Funeral: Getting married.

Funnel: To see a funnel in your dream signifies meeting a reliable person.

Fur: To see a fur in winter at your dream means being rich.

  • Furrier: If in summer, it symbolizes disease and sorrow. If in winter, it purports having a healthy life.
  • To see a fur in summer signifies sorrow and sadness.
  • Wearing a Fur: Getting married.

Furnace: To see a furnace at your dream implies meeting a malicious person.

  • Furnace Fire: Cheating someone and having illegal gain.
  • Sitting near the Furnace: Helping malicious people.
  • Throwing something into the Furnace: Being a malicious person.

Furniture: To see furniture in your dream implies getting rid of troubles, getting married and having a happy life.

  • Furnished House: Fulfillment of your wishes.
  • New Furniture: Being in safe.
  • Old Furniture: Living in abundance.