Hackberry: To see hackberry at your dream symbolizes a journey and joyful news.

Hail: To see hail at your dream symbolizes damage and disaster.

  • Large Grained Hail: Disease and famine.

Hair: Seeing hair in your dream means sorrow and sadness.

  • Bleached Hair: Having a long life, gaining honor and reputation.
  • Fragrant Hair: A beautiful girl.
  • Hair Combing: Being in trouble.
  • Hair Growth: Having much money and gaining reputation.
  • Hair Loss: Losing reputation and being sick.
  • Hair Mixing: Being in danger owing to sins.
  • Hair Shaving: Being in danger owing to secret enemies, monetary loss and having family problems.
  • Knitted Hair: Getting married and having a happy life.
  • Long Hair: Having a child.
  • Plucking Hair: Being successful at work.
  • Ringworm: Having health problems.

Halter: Seeing halter at your dream signifies having monetary problems.

Halva: Seeing halva at your dream implies getting married, having a child, healing and getting rid of problems.

  • Buying Halva: Taking help from someone you know.
  • Giving Halva to someone: Helping that person.
  • Making or Eating Halva: Being supported by a helpful person, helping a relative and monetary gain.
  • Taking Halva: Financial gain.

Hammer: Seeing a hammer in your dream purports good friends and a heavy work.

  • Breaking something with a Hammer: Having good time.
  • Buying a Hammer: Being happy.
  • Nailing with a Hammer: Getting happy news.
  • Selling Hammer: Financial loss.

Hand Fan: To see a hand fan in your dream means getting rid of problems and being rich.

Hand: To see a hand at your dream signifies having a good position at work and fulfillment of your wishes.

  • A Bad Person’s Hand: Being in danger.
  • Beautiful Hand: Financial gain and happiness.
  • Being Left-Handed: Having problems at your business.
  • Bloody Hand: Being rich for poor people and being poor for rich people.
  • Cut Hand: Getting death news, having financial problems and being ill. Also you should try to fix your mistakes.
  • Cutting your own Hand: Taking surprising news.
  • Fire Emergence from your Hand: Having a good position at work and having much money.
  • Hand of an Artist: Being an important person.
  • Iron Hand: Secret enemies.
  • Left Hand: Meeting with a woman.
  • Long Hand: Gaining fame and reputation.
  • Marble Hand: Having a happy life.
  • Mutilated Right Hand: Making a mistake and monetary loss.
  • Open Hand: Generosity.
  • Putting Hand under Armpit: Getting information.
  • Right Hand: Financial gain.
  • Seeing your Hand Disappeared: Falling in love.
  • Seeing your Hands: Being successful at work and having a child.
  • Small Hand: Being helpful.
  • Walking on Hands: Being successful.
  • Water Emergence from your Hand: Financial gain.

Handcuffs: To see handcuffs in your dream implies arguing with someone and convincing that person.

  • Being Handcuffed: Being in trouble for a long time.

Handful: To see a handful in your dream purports being useful to others.

  • To see two handfuls hitting each other in your dream symbolizes pleasure, enjoyment, having a beneficial child and overcoming your enemies.

Handkerchief: To see a handkerchief at your dream symbolizes marriage, new job, long life and monetary gain.

  • Giving the Handkerchief to Someone: That person will get married or earning much money.
  • Old and Dirty Handkerchief: Having family problems.
  • Taking the Handkerchief to Someone: Financial gain and getting married.
  • White and Clean Handkerchief: Having a happy family and monetary gain.

Handle: To see handle of something in your dream symbolizes strong belief.

Handshake: To handshake with someone in your dream signifies financial gain.

Hang: To see a hanged person in your dream implies getting help and support.

Happiness: To be happy at your dream symbolizes being in danger, feeling grief and sadness.

Harbor: To see a harbor at your dream purports getting rid of all troubles and living in peace.

  • Ships at the Harbor: Having some visitors.

Harmal: To see harmal in your dream symbolizes hostility, sorrow and sadness.

  • Burning Harmal: Monetary loss.
  • Giving Harmal or Harmal Seed: Having new enemies.

Harmonica: To see a harmonica in your dream implies getting good news.

Harness: To see a harness at your dream implies being successful at your life.

Harrow: To see a harrow in your dream signifies sorrow and sadness.

Harvest: Seeing abundant harvest at your dream implies living in abundance and happiness.

  • Inefficient Harvest: Being in trouble.

Hat: To see a hat in your dream symbolizes getting married, taking a journey, living in peace and happiness.

  • Buying Hat: Receiving good news.
  • Damaged Hat: Having family problems.
  • Getting a Hat from an Important Person: Having a profitable business.
  • Getting a Hat from someone: Taking a long journey.
  • New Hat: Having a good position at work and being in love.
  • Old Hat: Sorrow and sadness.
  • Wearing Hat: Getting married and being an important person.

Hate: To see something about hatred in your dream symbolizes being in trouble.

Haunt: To see a haunt at your dream implies living in peace.

Have a Rest: Having a rest at your dream symbolizes being rich, gaining fame and having a good spouse.

Have Fun: Having fun at your dream implies being happy for a short time.

Have Sex: Having sex in your dream symbolizes a better position at work, getting rid of sorrow and fulfillment of your wishes.

  • Having Anal Sex: You won’t get something you want. Also you will lose all your money because of this situation.
  • Having Sex with a Dead Person: Danger of death.
  • Having Sex with a Lewd Person: Having illegal money.
  • Having Sex with a Married Person: You will help that person’s partner.
  • Having Sex with an Animal: Fulfillment of your desires.
  • Having Sex with an Enemy: Defeating that enemy.
  • Having Sex with Someone You don’t Know: Financial loss.
  • Having Sex with Someone You Know: Having good relationship with friends.

Hawk: To see a hawk in your dream purports good fortune.

  • Catching the Hawk: Success and victory.
  • Flying Hawk: Monetary loss and being in trouble at work.
  • Giving the Hawk: Financial loss.
  • Hawk Cub: Having a boy.
  • Hawk Meat: Being rich unexpectedly.
  • Holding the Hawk: Having much money.
  • Hunting the Hawk: Being nervous.
  • Killing the Hawk: Danger of death and disease.
  • Taking a Hawk from someone: Having a new business.

Hayfork: Seeing a hayfork in your dream means being supported at your life.

  • Broken Hayfork: Being alone.

Hazelnut: To see hazelnut in your dream means hard earned money.

  • Collecting Hazelnut: Being in love.
  • Eating Hazelnut: Having much money.
  • Getting or Buying Hazelnut: Having unexpected money.
  • Giving or Selling Hazelnut: Monetary loss.
  • Hazelnut Shell: Having problems at work.
  • Hazelnut without Shell: Living in peace.

Head: To see something about head in your dream symbolizes meeting with an important person and having much money

  • Big Head: Gaining money and reputation.
  • Biting a Head: Taking help from an important person.
    • Cutting Someone’s Head: Being successful at business life.
  • Disappearance of your Head: Having health and monetary problems.
    • Hiding a Cut Head: Having money and healing.
  • Holding a Head: Having a good position at work owing to an important person and monetary gain.
    • Holding a Human Head: Getting a precious thing.
  • Holding your own Head: Being successful at business.
    • If you put your cut head its place in your dream, it implies being successful at your life.
    • If your head looks like a wild animal (lion, tiger,…) head in your dream, it means being rich. If your head looks like a domestic animal (horse, dog,…) head, it purports having problems.
  • Seeing your head without your body means getting rid of troubles and having much money.
  • Seeing, Buying, Taking or Eating an Animal Head: Having new estates.
  • Small Head: Losing money and reputation.
    • Taking Blow to Head: Getting rid of sorrow.
    • To pour out cologne to your head means advancing in business life.
    • To see a head at the tip of a spear signifies having a great position.
    • To see your head oblique implies being regretful due to your sins.
    • To see your head small in your dream signifies being ignorant about an event.
    • To see your head without anything symbolizes avoiding danger.
    • To see yourself having two or more heads in your dream purports wealth, having a child or getting married.
    • Wound at Your Head: Being ill.

Headquarters: Seeing headquarters in your dream symbolizes getting married.

Heart: To see a heart in your dream implies being in love.

  • Black Heart: Being punished because of your sins.
  • Cleaning of the Heart: Being a good person.
  • Dirty or Smelly Heart: Being in bad mood.
  • Eating the Heart Cooked: Being a good person and helping people.
  • Eating the Heart Raw: Being ruthless.
  • Heart in a Sheath: Being in danger owing to your own faults.
  • Heart Throbbing: Having health problems.
  • Removing of the Heart: Being a nervous wreck.
  • Rough Heart: Ruthlessness.
  • Soft Heart: Being merciful and good-hearted.
  • Theft of Your Heart: Being in a big danger.
  • White Heart: Being helpful.
  • Wound at the Heart: Sorrow and sadness.

Heat: Feeling heat at your dream implies being depressed owing to financial loss.

Heaven: Seeing heaven in your dream implies good fortune and heritage.

  • Being Fired from Heaven: Disease.
  • Being in Heaven: Having a rich and joyful life.
  • Eating Heaven’s Fruit: Living in abundance.
  • Seeing a Building in Heaven: Having much money.
  • Seeing Angels around You in Heaven: Getting married and having a good position at work.
  • Seeing heaven’s door locked symbolizes danger of death for your relatives.

Hedgehog: To see a hedgehog at your dream signifies getting married with a clever person.

Heel: Seeing heel at your dream signifies having a child.

  • Damaged Heel: Danger of death.

Height: To see your height smaller at your dream means danger of death, disease and impossible requests.

  • Seeing your height taller signifies being in danger and failing at business.

Helicopter: To see a helicopter in your dream signifies taking a journey and receiving good news.

Hell: Seeing hell in your dream implies poverty or family troubles.

  • Being in Hell: Getting away from danger and having a good life without any trouble.
  • Eating or Drinking at Hell: Fulfillment of your wishes and having good fortune.
  • Getting out of Hell without any damage: Healing or having a healthy life.

Hellhound: To see hellhound in your dream means being in trouble.

Help: Wanting help or getting help from someone at your dream implies being popular and receiving good news.

  • Helping People: Fulfillment of your wishes.
  • Monetary Help: Living in peace and being a loved person.

Hemorrhoids: To see something about hemorrhoids in your dream symbolizes having troubles.

Henna: Seeing henna at your dream symbolizes financial gain.

  • Henna Seller: Receiving happy news.
  • Using Henna: Being successful at work and having much money.

Herb: Seeing herb in your dream signifies living in abundance and happiness.

Herbalist: To see an herbalist in your dream implies your patient will heal.

Heritage: To see something about a heritage at your dream signifies monetary gain and living in peace.

Heroin: Using heroin at your dream symbolizes being in trouble at your all life.

  • Selling Heroin: Being sick.

Herpes: Seeing herpes in your dream purports being in trouble.

Hesitate: To hesitate in your dream symbolizes avoiding bad habits and events.

Hiccup: To hiccup in your dream symbolizes monetary loss because of your own faults.

  • Sobbing: Feeling remorse.

Hill: Seeing a hill in your dream purports having a child and monetary gain.

  • Sitting at the Hill: Having a good position at work, gaining reputation and money.
  • Small Hill: Having much money and living in abundance.

Hinny: To see a hinny in your dream implies having a child, taking a journey, being successful at work and getting rid of troubles.

  • Black Hinny: Meeting a rich person.
  • Falling down from the Hinny: Having business problems.
  • Having a Hinny: Fulfillment of your wishes.
  • Hinny Skin or Meat: Monetary gain.
  • Hinny Voice: Living in abundance and fulfillment of your wishes.
  • Hinny with Load: Having new estates.
  • Old Hinny: Taking a problematic journey.
  • Riding a Female Hinny: Having a long life and gaining reputation.
  • Riding the Hinny: You won’t have any child. Also, it symbolizes taking a journey.
  • Saddled Hinny: Meeting a good person.
  • Saddleless Hinny: Taking a useless journey.
  • Stray Hinny: Being in danger because of a malicious person.

Hip: To see hip in your dream signifies having a baby.

Hippopotamus: To see a hippopotamus in your dream means being supported by an important person and having a good job.

  • Killing a Hippopotamus: Having business problems and monetary loss.

Hitch: Hitching or seeing someone hitching in your dream signifies being in trouble.

Hive: To see a hive at your dream means having a child and a new house.

  • Getting something from the Hive: Being a malicious person.
  • Leave something to the Hive: Living in peace.

Hole: To see a hole at your dream means wasting time.

Holiday: To see one of the national or religious holidays at your dream means getting rid of all sorrows, living in happiness and abundance.

  • Making Arrangements for holiday: Getting joyful news.

Homosexuality: To see something about homosexuality at your dream signifies being in trouble about monetary problems.

Honey: To see honey in your dream symbolizes estates coming from heritage or business.

  • Buying Honey: Receiving the reward of goodwill.
  • Collecting Honey: Earning money from a new business.
  • Eating Honey on Bread: Having much money and estates.
  • Eating Honey: Getting married or an unexpected enemy.
  • Extracted Honey: Getting rid of all of troubles.
  • Giving Honey to a Person: Big financial loss.
  • Honey Hive: Having problems.
  • Honey Rain: Abundance and happiness.
  • Honeycomb: Helping relatives and gaining reputation.
  • Licking Honey: Marriage.
  • Making Honey: Working for powerful demands.
  • Seeing Honey for a Devotional Person: Growing of your belief.
  • Selling Honey: Being sad because of getting bad news.
  • White Honey: Sea journey.

Honeysuckle: Seeing honeysuckle at your dream means being in trouble with someone.

  • Giving Honeysuckle to someone: Hurting that person.
  • Taking Honeysuckle from someone: Hostility of that person.

Hook: To see a hook at your dream purports having a reliable friend.

  • Broken Hook: Being alone.
    • Buying, Taking, Finding or Making a Hook: Financial gain.
    • Getting something from the Hook: Taking unexpected support from a relative.
    • Hanging something to the Hook: Being very successful at your new job.
  • New and Solid Hook: Being supported by a loyal and hardworking friend.
  • Old and Rotten Hook: Getting some help for a short time.
    • Selling, Giving or Losing a Hook: Having problems at your business.

Hookah: To see a hookah at your dream purports being in trouble owing to your own fault.

Hoopoe: To see a hoopoe in your dream symbolizes getting rid of troubles.

  • Killing the Hoopoe: Defeating enemies.

Horizon: Seeing horizon at your dream means getting rid of problems.

  • Black Horizon: Receiving bad news.

Horn: Seeing horn at your dream purports having secret enemies.

  • Broken Horn: Feeling sorrow because of your troubles.
  • Horned Woman: You or everything about you will be target of your enemies.
  • To see yourself horned means unexpected money, being very successful at your business and having much money.

Hornet: To see a hornet in your dream implies being deceived by a close friend.

Horoscope: Seeing something about horoscope at your dream symbolizes wasting money and time.

Horse Carriage: To see a car in your dream signifies you will never have a car.

  • Being injured under the Carriage: A great heritage and wealth.
  • Broken Carriage: A great position at business.
  • Getting out of the Carriage: Failure in business life.
  • If the carriage has 2 horses, it symbolizes fulfillment of your wish.
  • If the carriage has 3 or more horses, it signifies success at your business for a short time.
  • Loaded Horse Carriage: Persistence and courage in your initiatives. If the load occurs from food, it symbolizes monetary gain.
  • Moving Carriage: Being an arrogant person.
  • Ride in the Carriage: Rising in business life.
  • Running behind the Carriage: Being idle for a long time.
  • Wrecked Carriage: Reputation for a short time.

Horse: To see a horse in your dream symbolizes getting rid of all problems.

  • A Flamboyant and Well Equipped Horse: Feeling happiness and joy because of having a great institution.
  • Ambling Horse: Having a happy marriage.
  • Bay Horse: Success at business.
  • Beating a Horse: Going to jail.
  • Being Stableboy: Having business troubles and monetary loss.
  • Buying a Horse: Superiority.
  • Dark Horse: Getting married.
  • Dead Horse: One of your relatives will be in danger and financial loss.
  • Equestrian: Leaving home and monetary loss.
  • Female Horse with its Baby: Having good children.
  • Female Horse: Getting married and meeting a good woman.
  • Fighting with a Horse: Arguing with your life partner.
  • Flying Horse: Having a wonderful life.
  • Foal: Living in abundance, fulfillment of your wishes and having a good friend.
  • Gray Horse: Being a respectable person.
  • Grooming Horse: Gaining honor and reputation.
  • Having a Horseshoe: Having a profitable business.
  • Horse Fertilizer: Wealth and property.
  • Horse Race: Impatience.
  • Horse Whinny: Making wrong decisions.
  • Horseshoe: Monetary gain and fulfillment of your wishes.
  • If a horse ascends to stairs in your dream, it purports great happiness.
  • If a horse rides on you in your dream symbolizes having trouble.
  • If someone rides your horse without your permission in your dream, it symbolizes being cheated.
  • If you see a horse in water at your dream, it signifies gossiping about you.
  • Killing a Horse: Despite being cautious, failing at work.
  • Kissing a Horse: Falling in love.
  • Lame Horse: Financial loss.
  • Loaded Horse: Bankrupting.
  • Long Tailed Horse: Benefit and gain.
  • Mating of Horses: Getting bad news.
  • Riding a Foal: Gaining reputation.
  • Riding a Horse with Women: Betrayal. If the horse is docile, it signifies honor, reputation and fame.
  • Riding a Wild Horse: Having property.
  • Saddled Horse: Getting married with a young, beautiful and rich person.
  • Selling a Horse: Fight.
  • Shoeing a Horse: Being sick.
  • Sitting on Horse Fertilizer: Having a heritage.
  • Sorrel Horse: Being patient.
  • Stableboy: Living in abundance.
  • Tailless Horse: Getting harmed.
  • Talking with a Stableboy: Fulfillment one of your wishes.
  • Tied Horse: Having a good position at business.
  • Tired Horse: Lavishness.
  • Trotter (horse): Expediency.
  • Unsaddled Horse: Spending time with someone out of marriage.
  • War Horse: Overcoming your enemies.
  • White Horse: Healthy future.
  • Yellow Horse: Being sick.

Hose: Seeing hose at your dream symbolizes monetary gain.

  • Pierced Hose: Financial loss.
  • The Hose without Water: Monetary loss.
  • Water Flow from the Hose: A profitable business.

Hospital: To see a hospital at your dream implies you and your family are in danger.

  • Eating from a Patient’s Meal at the Hospital: Danger of death.
  • Going out of the Hospital: Being helpful.

Hostility: Bearing hostility for someone or seeing someone bearing hostility for you at your dream purports being friend with that person.

Hot Spring: To see a hot spring in your dream signifies having a healthy life.

Hotel: To see a hotel in your dream implies taking a journey.

  • Being in the Hotel: Being in trouble.

House: To see a house in your dream symbolizes getting married, having new estates and being happy.

  • A House without Roof: Getting married.
  • A Patient in the House: Living in peace.
  • An Uncertain House: Getting married.
  • Being in someone’s House: Defeating that person.
  • Building a House at the Land of Someone You don’t Know: Having family problems and being in danger.
  • Building a House: Having a happy life.
  • Burning House: Having problems at your business and being in danger owing to your illegal actions.
  • Buying a New Thing for your House: Having problems at business.
  • Demolition of the House: Being in danger.
  • House Owner: Being supported by some rich people and monetary gain.
  • Housework: Fulfillment of your wishes.
  • Moving to a New House: Monetary gain.
  • Multi-storey House: Having a good future.
  • New House: Being successful at work and having much money.
  • One-story House: Failing and hopelessness.
  • Staying Locked in the House: Being happy.
  • The House of a Religious Man: Strength of faith.

Howdah: To see a howdah in your dream implies having bad relationship with your beloved.

Howl: To hear howl voice in your dream signifies receiving bad news from afar.

Hug: To hug someone in your dream implies having a long life.

  • Hugging a Dead Person: Danger of death.
  • Hugging someone you don’t like means making peace with that person.

Human: To see a person you know at your dream implies having something new.

  • An Important Person: Having a good position at work.
  • Frightened People: Getting rid of all your fears.
  • Getting something from someone you don’t know means being in trouble.
  • Seeing a person you don’t recognize in your dream signifies you should be careful about your acts.

Humiliate: Being humiliated or humiliating someone in your dream implies having monetary problems and being in trouble.

  • Feeling Humiliated: Being worried about future.

Humor: To see something humorous in your dream signifies being a malicious person.

  • Humorous Writing: Sorrow and grief.

Hunchback: To see a hunchback at your dream signifies monetary gain.

  • Being Hunchback: Being in trouble at work.
  • Disappearance of the Hunchback: Getting rid of all business problems.
  • Getting something from the Hunchback: Being successful at work.

Hungary: Seeing something about Hungary in your dream symbolizes having a happy future.

Hungry: Feeling hungry in your dream signifies abundance and healthy days for you.

  • If you are married, it implies big fortune.
  • If you are single, young and poor, it means wrong marriage.

Hunt: To be hunt in your dream purports good fortune.

  • A Woman at Hunt: Protecting the goods.
  • Being Sick at Hunt: Getting trouble after a short fun time.
  • Female Hunted Animal: Having a girl.
  • Firing a gun to a bird without killing request at hunt in your dream symbolizes slander.
  • Fish Hunt: To clash with opposite sex.
  • Getting Injured at Hunt: Getting sad news.
  • Going Hunt with Dogs: Comfortable, reputation and fame.
  • Hunter: Deceit and hypocrisy.
  • Male Hunted Animal: Having a boy.
  • Seeing a hunter in forest symbolizes being in wrong behavior.
  • Setting up a Trap for Hunting: Gaining from fraudulent ways.
  • Sick Hunter: Good fortune.
  • To hunt a lion or animals like that in your dream signifies defeating the enemies and being successful at business.
  • To see a hunter at a deserted area in your dream purports being in danger.
  • To see a hunter in danger at your dream symbolizes a respectable guest.
  • To see dogs coming back from hunt in your dream signifies Grief, suffering and unemployment.
  • To see hunting dogs entering the city in your dream means being unemployed.
  • Trapped Hunter: Getting a bad offer and being deceived.
  • Turning Back from Hunt: Being in danger.

Hurricane: Seeing hurricane at your dream means you should be more careful at your life.

Hurt: To see hurting yourself in your dream signifies losing a friend or getting bad news.

  • Hurting Someone: Getting help from that person.

Husband: To see your husband in your dream signifies having good fortune.

  • To see your husband beating a woman purports having big problems at your marriage.
  • To see your husband getting married with a girl means having a happy life.

Hussy: To see a hussy woman in your dream purports deterioration of marriage life owing to a bad minded person.

Hut: To see a hut at your dream purports being happy because of a visitor, monetary gain and taking a good gift.

Hyacinth: To see hyacinth in your dream means gaining reputation and money.

  • Dry Hyacinth: Sorrow and sadness.
  • Giving Hyacinth: Having family problems.

Hydrangea: Seeing hydrangea in your dream purports getting married and living in abundance.

Hyena: To see a hyena in your dream purports being deceived by a malicious person.

  • Hyena Meat: Being in danger owing to one of your relatives.
  • Killing the Hyena: Being in trouble with a person you don’t know.
  • Riding the Hyena: Getting married with a bad person.

Hypocrisy: Seeing someone hypocrite in your dream means being cheated and monetary loss.

Hyrax: To see a hyrax in your dream implies being deceived.