Ice Cream: To see ice cream in your dream symbolizes loyalty and reliability.

  • Eating Ice Cream: Being successful at work and having a happy life.
  • Ice Cream Freezer: Wealth and heritage.
  • Ice Cream in a Glass: If you see it in winter, it implies bad events. If you see in summer, it symbolizes good events.
  • Selling Ice Cream: Monetary loss.
  • Serving Ice Cream: Being insensitive and lazy.

Ice: Seeing ice at your dream symbolizes getting good news and being healthy.

  • Being on Ice: Having a good position at your work.
  • Buying Ice: Being a loved person.
  • Eating Ice: Being happy for a short time.
  • Ice Water: Having a calm life.
  • Melting Ice: Reduction of your friends.
  • Selling Ice: Getting happy news.

Icterus: To see something about icterus at your dream signifies having a new friend.

Idealist: To see someone idealist at your dream means having monetary problems.

Identity: To see an identity in your dream signifies having a child.

Idol: To see an idol in your dream means taking a long journey.

  • Broken Idol: Sorrow and grief.
  • Golden Idol: Being in trouble.
  • Idolatry: Being crazy.
  • Metal Idol: Having much money.

Ignorant: Seeing an ignorant person or being ignorant in your dream purports misery and wrong acts.

Illegal: Doing something illegal at your dream means being sad because of your own faults and monetary loss.

Immigrant:  To see an immigrant in your dream signifies a visitor from afar or taking a journey.

  • Seeing an immigrant coming from afar symbolizes having big troubles.

Impetuosity: To see yourself acting hasty in your dream means you will have to wait for an important event.

Impossible: To see something impossible at your dream symbolizes unexpected events.

Imprison: Being imprisoned or seeing someone imprisoned in your dream implies being failed because of your faults.

Index: To see an index at your dream implies having monetary problems.

Indian: To see an Indian in your dream symbolizes being deceived, being sad or taking a journey.

Infirmary: To see an infirmary in your dream means receiving good news.

Injury: Seeing an injury in your dream implies cheating people.

  • Being Injured with a Weapon: Getting rid of problems and receiving good news.
  • Getting Injured: Being sick.

Ink: To see ink in your dream means working hard and fulfillment of your wishes.

  • Black Ink: Being successful at work and receiving good news.
  • Blue Ink: An important event.
  • Broken Inkwell: Illegal gain.
  • Buying an Inkwell: Getting rid of all problems.
  • Buying Black Ink: Gaining reputation.
  • Giving an Inkwell: Getting married and being successful at work.
  • Giving Ink to someone: Helping that person.
  • Ink Loss: Monetary loss.
  • Ink Pot: Having a child and being rich.
  • Inkwell: Gaining at every field in terms of material and moral.
  • Pouring Ink: Monetary loss.
  • Pouring of Ink to your Clothes: Getting rid of all troubles and living in abundance unexpectedly.
  • Red Ink: Being in trouble with your beloved and friends.
  • Take an Inkwell as a Gift: Getting support from an important person.
  • The Inkwell with Ink: Being successful at your business.
  • The Inkwell without Ink: Having health problems.

Inn: To see an inn at your dream purports financial gain and taking a journey.

  • Being in the Inn: Danger of death and a journey.
  • Building an Inn: Living in peace.
  • Demolishing the Inn: Being poor.
  • Innkeeper: Danger of death, hypocrisy and betrayal.

Inquisition: Seeing something about inquisition at your dream implies failing at your business life and being in trouble.

Insect: To see an insect at your dream means a gossipy woman and weak enemies.

  • Getting, Holding or Eating an Insect: Getting married with a wrong person.
  • Killing an Insect: Getting rid of sorrow and enemies.

Inspector: To be an inspector in your dream signifies being unhealthy because of a long journey.

Inspector: To see an inspector at your dream means having a good position at work.

Insult: Insulting in your dream signifies getting rid of problems.

Insurance: To see something about insurance at your dream signifies getting rid of negative emotions.

  • Monetary Gain owing to Insurance: Being sad because of secret enemies around you.
  • Spending Money for Insurance: Fulfillment one of your desires.

Intention: Doing something intentionally in your dream symbolizes being a good person.

Intersection: Being at an intersection in your dream symbolizes changing of your life.

  • Traffic Sign at the Intersection: You should consider warnings at your life for being successful and happy.

Interview: To see an interview at your dream symbolizes being successful at your life.

Invent: To invent something in your dream implies exciting events.

Iron (Element): To see iron in your dream signifies you will have what you want if you work enough.

  • Active Iron Quarry: Having a child.
  • Breaking the Iron: Being in trouble.
  • Iron Cage: Having a big problem, feeling pain and sorrow.
  • Iron Door: Being successful at work.
  • Iron Quarry Made by Metal: A rich woman.
  • Iron Quarry: Meeting a strong woman.
  • Smithy: Fulfillment of your wishes.

Iron: To see an iron in your dream signifies you should be more careful for your own sake.

  • Ironing: Being successful at work and getting rid of all troubles.

Irreligious: To see an irreligious person in your dream signifies losing the belief in people.

Isinglass: To see isinglass in your dream signifies monetary gain.

Island: To see an island in your dream implies your friends will abandon you and because of this, you will be alone in this time.

  • Hunting in the Island: Big danger for you and your family.
  • Sinking of the island: Marriage and a daughter.
  • To See a Volcano on island: Financial loss because of your friends or your neighbors.

Itch: Itching in your dream signifies you should be more careful about time.

Ivy: To see ivy in your dream symbolizes when you need help, you will be alone.