Jackal: Seeing a jackal in your dream implies being harmed because of a cruel person.

  • An Escaping Jackal: Defeating all enemies.
  • Fighting with the Jackal: Having a cunning enemy.
  • Holding the Jackal: Getting rid of all enemies.
  • Kissing the Jackal: Defeating your enemies and having new friends.
  • Playing with the Jackal: Having a perfect family life.
  • Seeing the Jackal at your Home: A cruel and liar visitor.

Jacket: Seeing a jacket at your dream symbolizes having a long and happy life.

  • Ordering a Jacket to a Tailor: Your enemy will be stronger because of your wrong acts.
  • Taking off Jacket: Getting rid of all sorrow.
  • Wearing Jacket: Having family problems or being sick.

Jam: To see jam in your dream purports being healthy and living in peace.

Janitor: To see a janitor in your dream symbolizes being successful at work, having secret enemies, gaining honor and reputation.

  • Being Janitor: Having a good job and living in abundance.
  • Seeing an important person been janitor means reputation and money loss for that person.

January: To do something in January at your dream means getting rid of all problems and being happy.

Japan: Seeing Japan or something about it in your dream symbolizes getting married and having a happy marriage.

Jar: Seeing jar at your dream implies a strong and frugal person.

  • Buying or Finding a Jar: Getting married with a strong person.
  • Losing, Selling or Breaking a Jar: Being in trouble at your love life.

Jasmine: To see jasmine in your dream signifies living in peace and happiness.

  • Collecting Jasmine: Sorrow and grief.
  • Giving or Taking Jasmine: Being in trouble.

Javelin: To see a javelin in your dream symbolizes fulfillment of your wishes, having a successful and joyful life.

Jazz Band: To see a jazz band in your dream signifies having a joyful life other than work.

Jelly: Seeing jelly in your dream means having good time.

  • Eating Jelly: Being disappointed.

Jersey: To see a jersey in your dream means being cheated by an unexpected person.

Jesus: To see Jesus at your dream implies gaining reputation, taking journeys, being a helpful person, having a healthy life, living in abundance and safe. Also, it signifies having a good boy for pregnant women.

  • Jesus and Virgin Mary: Having a happy life.
  • Jesus in a Crowded Place: Getting rid of all troubles.
  • Seeing Jesus ill symbolizes justice and abundance.

Jet: To see a jet at your dream implies being very successful in a short time.

Jeweler: To see a jeweler at your dream signifies wasting time.

  • Being Jeweler: Being friend with a useless person.
  • Getting something from the Jeweler: Receiving important news.

Jewelry: To see a jewelry in your dream signifies being rich and living in abundance.

Jewish: To see a jewish in your dream signifies getting rid of all troubles.

  • Getting Married with a Jewish: Having much money and living in abundance.
  • Giving something to the Jewish: Being in danger.
  • Taking something from the Jewish: Living in peace.

Jockey: Seeing a jockey at your dream symbolizes getting joyful news.

Joiner: To see a joiner in your dream symbolizes being sick or getting married.

  • Arguing with the Joiner: You should be more careful for cheaters.
  • Bargaining with the Joiner: Financial loss.
  • Hiring the Joiner for a Job: An unexpected enemy trap.
  • Joinery Shop: You should avoid suspicious people.

Joke: To make a joke in your dream implies wasting time and having bad relationship with a friend.

  • Seeing someone making a joke means losing reputation.

Journey: Taking a journey at your dream signifies having new estates.

Jubilee: Seeing something about jubilee in your dream means getting rid of all problems.

Judas Tree: Seeing a Judas tree in your dream implies falling in love or getting married.

  • Flowers of the Judas Tree: Getting married with a rich person.

Judge: To see a judge at your dream purports being an important person.

  • A Good Looking Judge: Being famous.
  • A Judge with Dirty Robe: Disregarding justice.
  • A Popular Judge: Living in abundance.
  • Being Judge: Gaining reputation, being successful at work and financial gain.
  • Being Malicious Judge: Being in trouble and monetary loss.
  • Being Praised by the Judge: Gaining honor and reputation.
  • Being Scolded by the Judge: Having problems at work.
  • Smiling Judge: Being a loved person.
  • Sulky Judge: Being in trouble.
  • To see the Judge coming near you symbolizes gaining honor and reputation.

Judo: To see something about judo in your dream symbolizes you should be more realistic for your own sake.

July: This month’s first day dreams generally come true.

Jumada Al-awwal: All dreams at this month mean danger of death for your relatives and monetary loss.

Jumada Al-thani: All dreams at this month have positive meaning.

Jump: To jump from a place to another place in your dream symbolizes changing of your life standards

  • Jumping from Bottom to Top: Gain and wealth.
  • Jumping from the Wall, Ditch or Creek: Getting rid of troubles.
  • Jumping from Top to Bottom: Deterioration of your living standards.
  • Long Distance Jumping: Taking a journey.

June: The dreams seen at first day of June become real.

Juniper Tree: To see a juniper tree in your dream implies being always successful at your life because of your sturdy physique and perfect character.

Junk Dealer: To see a junk dealer at your dream implies being cheated by someone you know.

Jupiter: Seeing Jupiter at your dream signifies getting sick.

Jury: To see a Jury at your dream signifies fulfillment of your wishes.

Justice: To see a fair president (king) in your dream symbolizes safety of life and goods or getting rid of sadness.