Kaaba: Seeing Kaaba in your dream symbolizes getting married and being helpful.

  • Being in Kaaba: Getting rid of troubles and being in safe.

Kangaroo: To see a kangaroo at your dream symbolizes love.

Keg: Seeing a keg at your dream implies meeting a benevolent and generous person.

  • Alcohol Keg: Illegal money.
  • Big Keg: Big wealth.
  • Food Keg: Legal gain.
  • Perforated Keg: Financial loss.
  • Small Keg: Small wealth.
  • Taking or Making a Keg: Monetary gain, abundance and happiness.
  • Taking something from someone’s Keg: Financial gain.

Kerchief: To see a kerchief in your dream signifies being a loved person.

  • Black Kerchief: Sorrow and grief.
  • Blue Kerchief: Having a reliable friend.
  • Brown Kerchief: A new friend.
  • White Kerchief: Falling in love.

Kettle: To see a kettle at your dream signifies living in peace.

  • Burning Kettle: Having business problems.
  • Cold Kettle: Being trouble at work and having monetary problems.
  • Damaged Kettle: Danger of death.
  • Empty Kettle: Receiving good news.
  • Golden Kettle: Having a profitable business.
  • Hot Kettle: Having a good life.
  • Silver Kettle: Monetary loss.

Key: To see a key in your dream signifies falling poor.

  • Broken Key: You should be careful about your surroundings and protect yourself and your goods.
  • Finding a Key: Profitable business.
  • Key in Keyhole: To see a key in a keyhole in your dream symbolizes being trapped.
  • Locking a Jail door with the Key: Some of your close friends will need your help.
  • Opening a Door with a Key: Unexpected success at your life.
  • Stolen Key: Losing money due to negligence.

Kick: Kicking or seeing someone kicking in your dream implies being in danger.

Kidney: To have health problems about your kidney at your dream symbolizes gossip.

Kill: To kill a human or an animal at your dream symbolizes you won’t escape from your sins.

  • Being Covered with Blood of someone you Killed: Being supported by someone you want to help.
  • Being Killed by a Child: Danger of death.
  • Being Killed by a Person you don’t Know: Having a long life.
  • Being Killed by a Person you Know: Getting help from that person.
  • Being Killed by some People: Being successful at work.
  • Killing someone and Carrying the Corpse: Monetary loss.
  • Killing someone you don’t Know: Defeating enemies and getting rid of sorrow.
  • Killing your Child: Monetary gain.
  • Killing yourself: You should be more careful about your acts.
  • To see a person killing someone means defeating enemies.

Killer: To see a killer or being killer in your dream signifies having a happy life.

  • Parents Killer: Receiving sad news.
  • To see a killer killing someone means the killer will help the victim.

Kind: Being kind in your dream signifies being an important person.

Kindling: Seeing kindling in your dream symbolizes death and heritage.

  • Burning Kindling: Arguing with a friend.
  • Extinguishing the Burning Kindling: Being successful at business.
  • Giving Kindling: Monetary gain and happiness.
  • Leaving Kindling to the Ground: Financial loss.

King: To see a king in your dream implies travelling to foreign countries.

Kiss: To kiss someone in your dream purports being in love and fulfillment of your wishes.

  • Being Kissed by a Child: Being happy.
  • Kissing a Child: Having a new friend.
  • Kissing a Corpse: Having a heritage.
  • Kissing a Man: Taking help from that person.
  • Kissing a Patient: Being sick.
  • Kissing a Woman: Getting married with a rich person.
  • Kissing an Animal: Being in love with a malicious person.
  • Kissing an Old Person: Being in trouble.
  • Kissing someone’s Eye: Getting married and having new friends.
  • Kissing Something: Being friend with a malicious person.
  • Kissing your Beloved: Monetary gain.
  • Kissing your Child: Living in abundance.

Kitchen Garden: To see a kitchen garden at your dream purports meeting with a new person.

  • A Leafless Kitchen Garden: Sadness and sorrow.
  • Burning Kitchen Garden: Danger of death for one of your family members.
  • Dried Kitchen Garden: Breaking up with the lover or divorcing.
  • Eating Fruit at the Kitchen Garden: Getting married with a rich person, being rich and having a good life.
  • Irrigating Another Person’s Kitchen Garden: Committing sin.
  • Irrigating the Kitchen Garden: Getting married.
  • Planting something at the Kitchen Garden: Having a child.
  • Seeing a domestic animal at the kitchen garden signifies having new family members.
  • Seeing Trees at the Kitchen Garden: Meeting a rich person.
  • To see a kitchen garden in autumn implies financial loss, divorcing and having problem with your child.
  • To see a kitchen garden in spring symbolizes getting married, having a child and abundance.
  • To see a kitchen garden irrigating by its owner at your dream implies being cheated.
  • To see a wild animal at the kitchen garden means an unexpected enemy.

Kitchen: To see a kitchen at your dream implies being rich and getting married with a good person.

Kite (Bird): Seeing a kite at your dream symbolizes a cruel person.

  • Female Kite: Meeting a sinner person.
  • Flying Kite: Danger of death for your family.
  • Having a Kite: Having new estates.
  • Holding a Kite: Having a boy.
  • Killing a Kite: Defeating a cruel person.
  • Taking a Kite: Being friend of a cruel person.

Kite: To see a kite in your dream implies cheating people, receiving news and wasting time.

Knead: To knead something in your dream signifies living in abundance.

Knee: To see a knee in your dream implies family problems, financial difficulty, sorrow and sadness.

Knife: To see a knife at your dream symbolizes reuniting with your friends.

  • Big Knife: Getting married and monetary gain.
  • Broken Knife: Being successful at your business life.
  • Buying a Knife: Unexpected enemies around you.
  • Carrying a Knife: Being among the dangerous people.
  • Knife Sharpening: Being slandered.
  • Losing Knife: Being in safe and defeating enemies.

Knit: To knit something in your dream implies living in abundance and having a happy life.

Knot: Seeing knot in your dream purports being successful at a hard work.

  • Knotting: Getting married and being rich.

Knucklebone: To see knucklebone in your dream symbolizes having a bad natured child. Besides, it signifies gambling and bad words.

  • Black Broken Knucklebone: Regret and sadness.
  • Healthy Knucklebone: Marriage, having property and monetary gain.
  • If a patient sees own knucklebone broken, it purports danger of death.
  • If a single person sees knucklebone, it implies marriage.
  • If you see your knucklebone broken in your dream, it means death, grief or disaster.