Label: To see a label at your dream signifies receiving good news, being in love, gaining fame and reputation.

Lace: Seeing or making lace in your dream signifies failing at business and monetary loss.

Lad: To see a handsome lad in your dream symbolizes getting good news and being happy.

  • Blonde Lad: Being sick.
  • Brunette Lad: Pain and sorrow.
  • Following the Lad: Fulfillment of your wishes.
  • Foreign Lad: You should be more careful about your secret enemies.
  • Kissing the Lad: Being under suspicion.
  • Loving the Lad: Feeling pain.
  • Ugly Lad: Enemy and sorrow.

Ladle: To see a ladle at your dream signifies monetary gain and having a new friend.

  • Empty Ladle: Being poor.
  • Full Ladle: Being rich.

Lair: To see a lair at your dream symbolizes happy days.

Lake: To see a lake in your dream purports being happy.

  • Dirty Lake: Monetary loss and grief.

Lamb: Seeing a lamb in your dream purports having a good child.

  • Eating Lamb Meat: Financial gain.
  • Finding a Lamb: Having a child.
  • Grazing Lamb: Getting good news.
  • Killing a Lamb: Being rich.

Lame: To see someone lame in your dream symbolizes being in trouble.

  • Being Lame: Receiving bad news.

Lament: To lament in your dream means awful news.

Lamp: To see a lamp at your dream signifies having a long life and gaining reputation.

  • Broken Lamp: Danger of death, being in trouble at work, losing honor and reputation.
  • Lamp Light: Gaining fame and being happy.
  • Lamp without Light: Being disappointment.
  • Turning off the Lamp: Having business problems, danger of death and monetary loss.
  • Turning on the Lamp: Getting rid of troubles and living in abundance.

Lampshade: To see a lampshade in your dream means to be owner of a new business.

  • Buying a lampshade: Starting a new job and making favor to many people.
  • Making a lampshade: Doing a job and getting all profit of this job for yourself.

Lancet: To see a lancet at your dream implies having a good health.

Land: To see a land in your dream implies disease, monetary loss and death.

Landscape: To see landscape in your dream implies taking a long journey.

Language: To see something about a language at your dream signifies defeating enemies.

  • Learning a Language: Being a cultured person and gaining reputation.

Lantern: To see a lantern at night in your dream purports having much money and being happy. If you see it in daytime, it symbolizes having problems and wasting of time.

  • Buying or Taking a Lantern: Getting help.
  • Making a Lantern: A profitable business.
  • Putting out the Lantern: Monetary loss because of your own fault.
  • Selling or Giving a Lantern: Helping someone.

Latch: Seeing latch in your dream signifies being in danger.

Latin: To see something about latin in your dream implies being an important person and gaining reputation.

Laugh: To laugh at your dream symbolizes sorrow and grief.

Laundry: Seeing laundry at your dream symbolizes happiness.

  • A Patient’s Laundry: Being ashamed because of your own fault.
  • Buying Laundry: Other people will learn your secret.
  • Clean Laundry: You should be more careful about your spending.
  • Dirty Laundry: Being ashamed due to your wrong acts.
  • Giving Laundry to Poor People: Financial gain.
  • Large Amount of Laundry: Having monetary problems.
  • Old and Worn Laundry: Being sad.
  • Selling Laundry: Severe illness.
  • Sewing up Laundry: Being under orders.
  • Washing Laundry: Having problems about work, monetary loss and being malicious.

Lava: Seeing lava in your dream purports falling in love.

Lavender: To see lavender in your dream signifies being rich and living in abundance.

  • Lavender Smell: Getting rid of all troubles and being a loved person.
  • Selling Lavender: Cheating people.

Law: To see something about law at your dream implies having good friends.

Lawsuit: To win a lawsuit in your dream implies having a good position at life and being happy.

  • Losing the Lawsuit: Monetary loss.

Lawyer: To see a lawyer in your dream signifies having skilled friends.

  • Bargaining with a Lawyer: Getting rid of your troubles.
  • Eating with a Lawyer: Being poor.
  • Fighting or Arguing with a Lawyer: Being sick.
  • If the lawyer deceives you in your dream, it purports being rich.
  • Lawyer’s Funeral: Having good fortune.
  • Sick Lawyer: Travelling and being successful.
  • Suing a Lawyer: A profitable job.
  • Travelling with a Lawyer: Getting married.

Lay Flagstones: To see laying flagstones at your dream implies divorcing and having a new job or a new home.

Lazy: Being lazy or seeing someone lazy in your dream purports you should rest for your own sake.

Lead: Seeing lead in your dream signifies having new estates.

  • Melting Lead: Having a profitable business.
  • Much Lead: Financial gain.

Leader: To see a leader in your dream means having an ordinary life.

  • Being Leader: Being successful at work.

Leaf: To see leaf at your dream purports having a healthy life and living in abundance.

  • Dry Leaf: Being sick.

Leather: Seeing leather at your dream signifies being deceived by your spouse or beloved.

Leech: To see leech in your dream implies being in danger owing to your enemies.

  • Being Covered with Leeches: Losing all you have.
  • Buying Leech: Having new enemies.
  • Catching Leech: Being in love with a malicious person and having troubles because of this situation.
  • Holding or Killing Leech: Monetary loss.
  • Selling Leech: Defeating enemies.
  • Swallowing Leech: Having secret enemies.

Leek: Seeing leek at your dream implies monetary gain.

  • Eating Leek: Having illegal gain.
  • Having Leek: Making a serious mistake.
  • Planting Leek: You should be careful against your enemies.
  • Selling, Losing or Giving Leek: Being a malicious person.

Leg: To see leg in your dream signifies a minor annoyance.

  • To see a girl’s leg means falling in love with a wrong person.

Lemon: To see a lemon at your dream implies suffering the pangs of love and being sick.

  • Green Lemon: Sorrow and grief.
  • Lemon Flower: Being sad.
  • Lemon Tree: Being rich and helping people.
  • Lemonade: Living in peace.

Lend: To lend something to someone in your dream means helping that person and being rich.

  • Lending a Precious Thing: Separation or divorce.
  • Lending something to a Patient: Having health problems and danger of death.

Lens: Seeing lens in your dream signifies having a profitable business and a reliable friend.

Lentil: Seeing lentil in your dream means monetary gain.

Leopard: To see a leopard at your dream means getting married, defeating enemies and gaining reputation.

Leprosy: Being leprosy at your dream symbolizes having a good life.

Lesson: Studying lesson at your dream symbolizes getting financial help from one of your friends.

  • Giving Lesson: Laziness, neglect and failing at work.

Let Free: To see yourself let your spouse free in your dream means divorce.

  • If a slave sees itself free in its dream, it implies danger of death.
  • Letting a Sinner Free: Paying the penalty for your sins.
  • Letting an Independent Person Free: Getting rid of sins and debts for that person.

Letter: To see a letter at your dream purports receiving news from someone you love and having much money.

  • Letters: Being surprised owing to some news.
  • Receiving a Letter from a Dead Person: Receiving joyful news.
  • Receiving a Letter from a State Institution: Having a good position at work and monetary gain.
  • Receiving a Letter: Living in abundance.
  • Sending a Letter: Helping people.
  • Writing a Letter: Getting good news from your friends and fulfillment of your wishes.

Lettuce: Seeing lettuce in your dream purports being healthy.

  • Eating Lettuce: Being in trouble at business.

Lever: To see a lever at your dream signifies getting rid of troubles.

Lice: To see lice at your dream symbolizes healing.

  • Being Infested with Lice: Being rich and having new friends.
  • Killing Louse: Hurting one of your relatives.
  • Lice Attack: Having more money and estates.
  • To get rid of the lice on your body means financial loss owing to your mistakes.
  • To see lice being poured from your body symbolizes being used by many people

Lie Down: To see someone lying down in your dream signifies receiving good news.

  • Lying Down: Taking a journey and having bad relationship with a friend.

Lie: Lying or seeing someone lying at your dream implies illegal events and secret enemies.

Lieutenant: To see a lieutenant in your dream symbolizes being an important person.

  • Being Lieutenant: Having a profitable business.

Life Buoy: Seeing a life buoy in your dream implies getting rid of troubles and being happy.

Light: To see light at your dream symbolizes getting rid of troubles and fulfillment of your desires.

  • Blue Light: Trying new things.
  • Dawn Light: Being successful.
  • Fire or Lightning Light: Receiving good news.
  • Green Light: You should be more careful at your life.
  • Lamp Light: Having good fortune and healing.
  • Match or Candle Light: Having a good friend.
  • Phosphorescent Light: Being sad because of love.
  • Projector Light: Being in trouble.
  • Red Light: Being in danger.
  • Sunlight: Living in abundance.
  • Torch Light: Having a strong faith.
  • White Light: Being smarter and healthy.
  • Yellow Light: Disease.

Lighter: Seeing a lighter at your dream purports getting married or having a child.

  • Broken Lighter: Jealousy and hatred.
  • Burning a Cigarette with a Lighter: Being deceived.
  • Using a Lighter: Being sad for a short time.

Lighthouse: To see a lighthouse at your dream implies having a happy life.

Lightning: To see lightning at your dream implies getting rid of troubles, monetary gain and living in abundance.

  • Lightning at Home: Having much money.

Lilac: To see lilac in your dream symbolizes being in love with a childish person.

  • Collecting Lilac: Getting married.

Lily of the Valley: Seeing lily of the valley at your dream implies having a happy and peaceful life.

Lily: To see lily at your dream signifies being in abundance and living in abundance.

  • Collecting Lily: Receiving good news.
  • Taking Lily from someone: Being loved by someone.

Limb: To see lack of body limbs in your dream purports sorrow or divorce.

  • Extra Limb: Being rich.
  • Injured Limb: Having health problems.
  • Limb Swelling: Defeating the enemies.

Lime: To see lime in your dream means receiving good news.

  • Buying, Finding or Making Lime: Financial gain.
  • Eating Lime: Being in trouble.
  • Escaping from Lime Pit: Getting rid of all troubles.
  • Lime Pit: Having problems at work.
  • Limekiln: Having a good position at work and gaining reputation.
  • Unhydrated Lime: Disease and monetary gain.
  • Wall Covered with Lime: Being rich and having a healthy life.

Linden: Seeing linden in your dream symbolizes living in peace and having a profitable business.

  • Broken Linden Tree: Having problems at your business.
  • Climbing the Linden Tree: Being happy.
  • Descending from the Linden Tree: Being in trouble.
  • Drinking Linden: Helping friends and healing.
  • Linden Tree: Monetary gain.
  • Planting a Linden Tree: Being successful at business.
  • Sitting under the Linden Tree: Getting joyful news.

Linotype: To see a linotype in your dream implies fulfillment of your desires due to your hard working.

Linseed Oil: Eating linseed oil at your dream implies being seriously ill or failing at work.

Lion: To see a lion in your dream implies meeting respectable people.

  • Back to Back with a Lion: Sorrow owing to a big loss.
  • Being in a House with a Lion: Close enemy.
  • Eating Lion Meat: Wealth and prosperity.
  • Female Lion: Being rich.
  • Fighting Lions: Discussion of important people.
  • Fighting with a Lion: Victory.
  • If a lion chases you, it implies falling into the trap of your enemies.
  • If a lion comes to a person, it signifies that person will be sad.
  • If a single man sees a lion, it signifies meeting with a girl.
  • If a young girl sees a lion in her dream, it symbolizes good marriage.
  • Killing a Lion: Being successful in every field.
  • Lion Cub: Having a good business friend.
  • Mating with a Female Lion: Facing with hostility.
  • Riding a Lion: Subjugating your enemies.
  • Running Lions: Unexpected wealth.
  • Talk with a Lion: Financial gain and new friends.
  • The Roaring of a Lion: Disaster and death.

Lip: Seeing lip at your dream signifies being helpful and open-minded.

  • Lower Lip: Being happy.
  • Upper Lip: Having a loyal and trustworthy friend.

Liqueur: Seeing liqueur in your dream symbolizes getting rid of all health problems.

  • Drinking Liqueur: Gaining honor and reputation.

Litigate: To litigate someone at your dream signifies sorrow for you and people around you.

  • Being Litigated: Financial loss and being deceived.

Liver: Seeing liver in your dream means having much money, living in abundance or having a child.

  • Big Liver: Gaining strength and courage.
  • Cooking Liver: Having a child and financial gain.
  • Eating Liver: Having new estates.
  • Liver Disruption: Your child will be sick.
  • Much Liver: Having precious things.
  • Ruptured Liver: Danger of death for your child.
  • Taking Liver from Someone You Know: Getting help from that person.
  • To see your liver out of your body means reputation and money loss.

Lizard: To see a lizard in your dream symbolizes scary events.

Loan Shark: Seeing a loan shark in your dream means having monetary problems.

Lobster: To see a lobster at your dream implies being lucky and having much money.

Lock: To see a lock in your dream implies getting married, monetary gain and having good friends.

  • Buying, Making or Finding a Lock: Living in peace.
  • Locked Door: Being in safe.
  • Opening the Lock Easily: Being successful at work and financial gain.
  • Opening the Lock Hardly: Being in trouble at business.
  • Selling, Losing or Giving a Lock: Monetary loss.

Locksmith: Seeing a locksmith in your dream means helping someone or being rich.

  • Being Locksmith: Financial loss because of having problems with state.
  • Locksmith Shop: Getting the reward of your working.
  • Seeing the locksmith repairing a shop lock signifies being successful at work.
  • To see the locksmith repairing a lock symbolizes getting married.

Locomotive: To see a locomotive at your dream symbolizes being successful at work and having much money.

Lodgings: Seeing lodgings in your dream signifies taking a long journey.

  • Having Lodgings: Helping your relatives.

Loincloth: Seeing loincloth in your dream signifies getting married and gaining reputation.

  • Taking off Loincloth: Losing honor and reputation.
  • Wearing Loincloth: Falling in love.

Lord: To see a lord in your dream purports being in trouble because of people around you.

Lose Consciousness: Losing consciousness in your dream symbolizes pangs of love.

Lose Weight: Losing weight in your dream implies being in trouble about business matters and monetary loss.

Lose: Losing something at your dream purports finding things lost.

Loss: Seeing some kind of loss in your dream signifies being successful at work and receiving good news.

Lotion: Seeing lotion at your dream signifies being in love.

Lottery: To see something about lottery at your dream means financial gain.

  • Consolation Prize at Lottery: Having much money unexpectedly.
  • Winning the Lottery: Wasting money.

Lotto: Seeing lotto in your dream implies getting married and taking a journey.

Love Letter: To write a love letter in your dream purports having a big love.

  • Sending a Love Letter: Having friends you can share your joy and sorrow.

Lover: To see your lover in your dream purports getting married soon.

Luck: Being lucky in your dream symbolizes being sad because of some troubles.

Luminous: To see luminous in your dream implies realization of all your wishes.

  • Luminous Garden: Deterioration of relations with neighbors.
  • Luminous Home: Infectious disease danger. If this home isn’t yours, it signifies getting married.
  • To see a ship in luminous means being in danger at sea journey.
  • To see darkness around you at luminous symbolizes sorrow.
  • To see luminous around you at dark purports good fortune.

Lung: Seeing lung at your dream symbolizes a joyful life.

  • Eating Lung: Earning much money easily.
  • Giving Lung to Someone: Helping that person.
  • Lung Growth: Financial gain and happiness.
  • Lung Injury: Grief and sadness.
  • Ruptured Lung: Being in danger.
  • Small Lung: Sorrow and unhappiness.
  • Taking Lung: A joyful event.
  • Throwing Away Someone’s Lung: Causing financial and moral harm to that person.
  • Throwing Away Your Own Lung: Having problems because of your own faults.
  • Unhealthy Lung: Being in danger.

Lust: To see something about lust at your dream implies wasting time and money.

  • Feeling Lust: Sorrow and grief.

Lute: To see a lute in your dream symbolizes getting rid of all problems.

Lynch: To see something about lynch at your dream symbolizes being in danger.