Nail Polish: Seeing nail polish in your dream signifies being envied by people around you.

Nail: Seeing nail in your dream purports having problems at business, gossip, loss of fame and reputation.

  • Bent Nail: Being in troubles owing to your enemies.
  • Nailing: Getting help from a visitor.
  • Removing a Nail: Being successful at work.

Naked: Being naked in your dream symbolizes danger of death or divorcing. If you are a religious person, it means getting rid your sorrow. If not, you will lose your job.

  • Being Ashamed from your Nakedness: Having monetary problems.
  • Being Naked at a Council: Loss of reputation.
  • Being Naked at a Deserted Place: Gossip.
  • Seeing a Fellow Naked: Being successful at business.

Name: To see something about your name or name of someone you know at your dream implies being in bad mood.

  • Changing Name: Having a happy life.
  • If your new name is blind, lame or something like that, it means you will be sick.

Nanny: Seeing or being a nanny at your dream signifies having a child.

Nape: Seeing a nape in your dream implies having a good position at work and being happy.

  • Boil on the Nape: Getting rid of problems and living in peace.
  • Cutting the Nape Hair: Paying debt.
  • Thick and White Nape: Getting rid of problems.
  • Wound or Bristle at the Nape: Being in debt and arguing with someone.

Naphtha Oil: Seeing naphtha oil at your dream means getting help from an unexpected person and receiving good news.

Naphthalene: To see naphthalene at your dream purports losing honor and reputation owing to your own faults.

Napkin: Seeing napkin at your dream symbolizes being in trouble and receiving bad news.

  • Clean Napkin: Receiving good news and living in abundance.
  • Dirty Napkin: Being sad owing to gossip about you and having problems about your work.
  • Using Dirty Napkin: Being sick and monetary loss.

Narrow Area: Being at a narrow area in your dream symbolizes having some problems.

  • Running away from the Narrow Area: Having a happy life.

Nasturtium: Seeing nasturtium at your dream means having a happy marriage.

Nation: To see something about a nation at your dream symbolizes gaining honor and reputation.

Natural Gas: To see something about natural gas in your dream signifies being rewarded and having a happy life.

  • Natural Gas Stove: Being supported by a rich friend.
  • Poisoning from Natural Gas: Being in big trouble because of your own faults.

Nausea: To be nauseated at your dream implies having some troubles at your business or getting bad news.

Navel Cord: To see a navel cord in your dream symbolizes a marriage.

  • Giving the Navel Cord to someone: Getting married with that person.
  • Taking the Navel Cord from someone: Getting married with that person.

Neck: To see neck in your dream symbolizes committing sin.

Necklace: Seeing, buying or finding a necklace at your dream symbolizes loyalty and reliability.

  • Shapeless Necklace: A liar and unreliable person.
  • Wearing the Necklace: Getting married or having a child.

Necktie: Seeing necktie in your dream has many meanings.

  • Black Necktie: Being disappointed.
  • Green Necktie: Reuniting with your beloved.
  • White Necktie: Being in love.

Neckwear: Seeing neckwear at your dream signifies getting married and having a child for women. If you are a man, it means having troubles and monetary loss.

Needle: To see a needle at your dream means being in trouble and getting married.

  • Being Harmed because of the Needle: Monetary gain.
  • Broken Needle: Being in trouble at business.
  • Eating Needle: Financial loss.
  • Holding the Needle: Having a girl and taking a journey.
  • Hurting someone with the Needle: Being in love.
  • Making, Finding or Buying a Needle: Being successful at work.
  • Missing or Stolen Needle: Being in trouble.
  • Pin: Monetary gain.
  • Selling or Giving a Needle: Helping people.
  • Sewing a Dress with the Needle: Having a good future and fulfillment of your wishes.
  • Sewing with the Needle: Getting rid of problems and fulfillment of your wishes.
  • Taking a Needle from someone: Getting help from that person.

Neighbor: To see your neighbor at your dream means having bad relationship with your neighbor or receiving death news.

Neighborhood: Seeing a neighborhood in your dream means arguing with a neighbor.

Nephew: To see your nephew at your dream implies having a happy family life.

Nest: To see a nest at your dream means getting married and having a child.

  • Reptile Nest: Having enemies around you.

Net: Seeing net at your dream purports getting married.

New Year: To see a new year in your dream implies being in love and getting married.

  • Being Sad at the New Year: Being in trouble.
  • Having Good Time at the New Year: Living in abundance.

New: Seeing something new in your dream purports having a happy life.

News: Receiving news at your dream symbolizes being in love or having a good friend.

  • The Person who Brought the News: Being supported by that person.

Newspaper: Seeing a newspaper in your dream means receiving news from your beloved.

  • Buying Newspaper: Secret enemies.
  • Reading the Newspaper: Wasting time.
  • Selling Newspaper: Being envied.

Nigella Seed: To see or eat nigella seed in your dream symbolizes being healthy.

Night Bird: To see a night bird in your dream implies making many mistakes.

  • Buying or Holding the Night Bird: Having a new friend.

Night Club: To see a night club in your dream implies being in trouble.

  • Having Good Time at the Night Club: Sorrow and sadness.

Night: Doing something at night in your dream purports you should be more careful about theft.

  • Bright Night: Getting rid of sorrow.
  • Moonlit Night: Being happy.
  • Night without Light: Having problems at work.

Nightingale: Seeing a nightingale at your dream symbolizes ambition and struggle.

  • Holding a Nightingale: Falling in love.
  • Killing a Nightingale: Gaining appreciation and respect of important people.
  • Nightingale Voice: Finding true love.
  • Seeing a Nightingale in a Cage: Having problems with your family.

Nightmare: Seeing a nightmare in your dream symbolizes defeating enemies.

Nit: To see nit in your dream implies having troubles because of malicious people.

Nitric Acid: To see nitric acid in your dream signifies sorrow, grief, disease and hostility.

Noah: Seeing Noah or his ship in your dream purports having a long life.

Nobleman: To see a nobleman in your dream signifies being cheated.

  • If a nobleman comes to visit you, it implies slander and theft of goods.
  • Killing a Nobleman: Having a profitable business and property.

Noise: Hearing noise at your dream symbolizes receiving bad news.

  • Bird Noise: Getting happy news.
  • Child Noise: Getting married and having a child.
  • Gun Noise: Receiving good news about your business.
  • Wild Animal Noise: Being in trouble owing to enemy activities.

Noodle: To see noodle at your dream purports being invited to a party.

Noon: To do something at noon in your dream implies being lucky and fulfillment of your wishes.

Nose: To see a nose in your dream symbolizes long life and happiness.

  • Beautiful Nose: Falling into the trap of your enemy.
  • Cut or Broken Nose: Failing at work and danger of death.
  • Nose Pain: Having bad relationship with your relatives because of you wrong acts.
  • Seeing Something in the Nose: Feel sad owing to your financial loss.
  • Slimy Nose: Getting help from an important person.
  • To See Your Nose Drilled: Being successful at your work with a friend’s help.
  • Wearing Nose Piercing: Danger of disease.

Notary: To see a notary in your dream means monetary gain.

Note: To see something about music notes in your dream purports sorrow and grief.

Notebook: To see a notebook in your dream implies having a better position at work.

Novel: Seeing or reading a novel in your dream symbolizes wasting time.

Novice:  Acting like novice in your dream means your business and love life will continue badly for some time but after this period, happy days will come for you.

Numb: To see yourself numb in your dream signifies being sick because of hard working.

Number: To see a number in your dream signifies having a profitable business and defeating enemies.

Nun: Seeing a nun at your dream symbolizes having a happy life.

  • Old Nun: Sorrow and sadness.
  • Young Nun: Financial loss and happiness.

Nurse: To see a nurse at your dream symbolizes being supported or getting help unexpectedly.

  • Being Nurse: Taking help from people you helped.

Nut: Seeing nut in your dream signifies having much money.

  • Broken Nut: Meeting a malicious person.
  • Eating Nut: Being in trouble.