Oak Tree: To see an oak tree in your dream implies having a long life and gaining reputation.

  • Acorn: Being rich, getting married and having a child.
  • Holding a Piece of Oak Tree: Being popular and having much money.
  • Oak Forest: Being friend with a malicious person.

Oarlock: To see an oarlock at your dream means taking a sea journey and being in love unexpectedly.

Oasis: To see an oasis in your dream purports getting rid of all troubles and having a long life.

Oat: To see oat in your dream implies financial gain.

Oath: To see something about an oath in your dream purports defeating enemies.

Object: Objecting to something in your dream signifies getting rid of troubles.

Obstacle: Seeing an obstacle like door, wall or something like that in your dream symbolizes being successful despite all difficulties.

October: This month’s first day dreams generally come true.

Octopus: To see an octopus in your dream symbolizes success of your new venture.

Office: Seeing an office in your dream signifies fulfillment of your wishes due to your diligent, being successful at business and having a happy life.

Officer: Seeing or being an officer at your dream symbolizes being in safe and gaining reputation.

Oil Lamp: To see an oil lamp at your dream means getting married and having a child.

  • Burning Oil Lamp: Having problems at work.
  • Burning the Oil Lamp: Having much money.
  • Light of the Oil Lamp: Being healthy.

Oil of Vitriol: To see oil of vitriol in your dream means you should be more careful against enemies around you.

Oil: Seeing oil in your dream implies having a happy future.

  • Being Covered with Oil: Living in peace and happiness.
  • Mineral Oil: Having much money.
  • Vegetable Oil: Health problems.

Okra: To see okra in your dream implies having a good destiny.

Old: To see an old person in your dream signifies having a good position at work, living in abundance and fulfillment of your desires.

  • Being Old: Receiving death news and feeling very sad.

Oleander: To see oleander in your dream symbolizes having bad relationship with a relative.

Olive: Seeing olive at your dream means having much money.

  • Buying Olive: Financial gain.
  • Climbing Olive Tree: Living in abundance.
  • Eating Olive: Fulfillment of your wishes.
  • Falling down from Olive Tree: Monetary loss.
  • Immature Olive: Being sick.
  • Olive Oil: Gaining reputation and having much money.
  • Olive Tree: Gaining reputation and having a child.
  • Planting Olive: Having a profitable business.

Opal: Seeing opal in your dream means having much money.

Opening: To see opening of a business or something like that implies happy days will come for you very soon.

Opera: To see opera in your dream signifies having good friends and being successful.

  • Working at Opera: Being envied by some people around you.

Opponent: To see an opponent in your dream purports having family problems.

Orange: To see or eat an orange in your dream signifies having much money and living in abundance.

  • Rotten or Sour Orange: Sorrow and grief.

Orangutan: To see an orangutan in your dream symbolizes being healthy.

Orchestra: To see an orchestra in your dream signifies being in trouble.

Orchid: Seeing orchid in your dream symbolizes having much money and getting married.

Order: To order something in your dream symbolizes being sad for a short time.

Ore: Seeing ore at your dream means you won’t be rich despite you want.

  • Collecting Ore: Feeling sad owing to something you lost.
  • Eating Ore: Financial gain.
  • Selling Ore: Having a happy life.

Organ: To see an organ at your dream symbolizes sorrow and sadness.

  • Playing Organ: Love pain.

Orphan: To see an orphan at your dream implies having a profitable business.

  • Crying Orphan: Having problems at your business.
  • Helping the Orphan: Having a new life.

Ostrich: To see an ostrich at your dream signifies getting married with a foreign person.

Otter: To see an otter at your dream implies being a malicious person.

Oud: To see an oud at your dream implies sorrow and sadness.

Ouzel: To see an ouzel in your dream implies you will be tired owing to your thriftless friends.

Oven: To see an oven in your dream symbolizes sorrow, cruelty and grief.

  • Being in the Hot Oven: Getting married.
  • Cooking Bread with the Oven: Being happy.
  • Making an Oven: Being successful at work, getting married or having much money.
  • Oven Door: Having monetary problems.
  • Running the Oven: Meeting an important person.

Overalls: Seeing overalls in your dream signifies taking a journey.

  • Clean Overalls: Living in peace, being healthy and financial gain.
  • Dirty Overalls: Being in danger and monetary loss.

Owl: To see an owl in your dream implies distressing events.

  • Crowing of an Owl: Danger of death.
  • Female Owl: An untrusted friend.
  • Imprisoning an Owl: You should act very carefully because of dangers around you.
  • Killing an Owl: Defeating all of your enemies.
  • Male Owl: Gossip and theft.
  • Scops Owl: Being supported by an important against enemies.
  • Seeing an Owl at Your Home: One of your family members will be very sick.

Ox: To see an ox in your dream symbolizes monetary gain and getting rid of problems.

  • Being under an Ox: Danger of death.
  • Black Ox: Having a profitable business.
  • Dead Ox: Being in trouble at your business.
  • Eating Ox Meat: Having a good position at work and financial gain.
  • Fat Ox: Living in abundance.
  • Feeding Ox: Having a good future.
  • Having an Ox: Fulfillment of your wishes.
  • Herding an Ox: Having much money unexpectedly.
  • Killing an Ox: Losing honor and reputation.
  • Loaded Ox: Having new estates.
  • Losing, Selling or Giving your Ox: Being in trouble.
  • Ox Attack: Financial loss.
  • Ox Meat: Being an important person.
  • Oxcart: Monetary gain.
  • Red Ox: Disease.
  • Riding a Black Ox: Taking a journey.
  • Riding an Ox: Gaining honor and reputation.
  • Talking with an Ox: Being a hate figure.
  • Weak Ox: Having monetary problems.
  • White Ox: Being friend with a rich person.

Oyster: To see an oyster in your dream signifies living in abundance.

  • Eating Oyster: A new friend.
  • Selling or Giving Oyster: Having problems.