Ugly: To see an ugly person in your dream signifies having problems at work.

Umbrella: To see an umbrella in your dream means living in safe and being happy for a short time.

  • Broken Umbrella: Having monetary problems.
  • Burning Umbrella: Danger of death.
  • Damaged Umbrella: Being in danger owing to your mistakes.
  • Garden Umbrella: Having a profitable business.
  • Giving the Umbrella to someone: Helping that person.
  • Lost Umbrella: Having secret enemies.
  • New Umbrella: Being supported by an important person.
  • Old Umbrella: Being in trouble and monetary loss.
  • Sunshine Umbrella: Taking a journey.

Uncle: To see your uncle in your dream symbolizes you can’t get any money like heritage without working.

  • If a man sees his cousin, it means poorness.
  • If a woman sees her uncle’s child, it signifies wealth.

Underground: To see underground in your dream implies being in danger.

  • Being at Underground with Light: Living in abundance.

Undershirt: To see an undershirt in your dream symbolizes a profitable business.

Underwear: Seeing, buying or wearing underwear in your dream signifies having a new job, being successful at work or financial gain.

  • Selling, Losing or Damaging the Underwear: Being in trouble and financial loss.

Unfaithfulness: Seeing something about unfaithfulness in your dream symbolizes loyal spouse.

Ungrateful: To see a person ungrateful at your dream signifies keeping away from people owing to malicious people you know.

Uniform: To see a uniform at your dream implies being successful at work and gaining reputation.

United States of America: To see the United States of America in your dream symbolizes wealth and happiness.

University: To see a university in your dream means getting rid of all problems.

Unripe Grape: Seeing, eating, collecting or buying unripe grape at your dream symbolizes monetary gain.

  • Selling or Giving Unripe Grapes: Illegal gain.

Untrustworthiness: To see someone untrustworthy in your dream means monetary loss and being in trouble.

Urine: Seeing urine or urinating in your dream signifies monetary loss and illegal relationships.

  • Blood in Urine: Committing adultery.
  • Drinking Urine: Having monetary problems.
  • Fire in Urine: Having a lucky child.
  • Grape Juice in Urine: Wasting your money.
  • Hiding your Urine: Having problems with your spouse.
  • Holding some of your Urine: Financial loss.
  • Holding your Urine: Being in trouble.
  • If you don’t find a place for urinating, it symbolizes monetary loss.
  • Milk in Urine: Being in danger.
  • Urinating at an Unknown Place: Getting married.
  • Urinating at Night: Having a smart child.
  • Urinating Much: Getting rid of troubles and living in abundance.
  • Urinating to a Dress: Losing something.
  • Urinating to a Wellhole: Monetary loss.
  • Urinating to the Holy Book: Having a good child.
  • Urinating with someone: Having relationship with that person.

Uterus: To see something about uterus in your dream signifies having a good child.