Vaccine: To see vaccine in your dream implies you should be more careful about your health in these days.

Valley: To see a valley in your dream means being successful at work and having a happy life.

Valonia Oak Tree: To see a valonia oak tree in your dream signifies being in trouble and monetary loss.

Vampire: To see or be a vampire in your dream signifies being in danger owing to a friend.

Vase: To see a vase in your dream implies getting rid of problems.

  • Vase with Flowers: Being in love and getting married.

Vegetable Market: Seeing a vegetable market at your dream means having problems at work.

Vegetable: To see vegetable at your dream implies being friend with important people, gaining reputation and living in abundance.

  • Bean Salad: Having monetary problems.
  • Bean Sprout: Gaining much money from your work.
  • Bean: Being happy.
  • Broad Bean: Having financial problems.
  • Buying Vegetable: Living in peace.
  • Carrot: Being healthy and living in peace.
  • Cooked Onion: Being a good person.
  • Cutting Onion: Being a sordid and malicious person.
  • Dried Bean: Having problems at work.
  • Early Vegetable: Fulfillment of your all wishes.
  • Eating Onion: Cheating people for your own profit.
  • Giving or Selling Onion: Defeating enemies.
  • Giving Vegetable: Helping people.
  • Giving, Selling or Losing Potato: Monetary loss.
  • Green Bean: Unexpected profit.
  • Having Potato: Having much money.
  • Onion at Home: Having a secret enemy among your friends.
  • Onion Smell: Being in trouble.
  • Onion: Illegal gain and sorrow.
  • Pea: Disease, sorrow or slander.
  • Peeling Potato: Fulfillment of your wishes.
  • Planting Bean: Having a good job.
  • Planting Carrot: Having monetary problems.
  • Planting Onion: Losing honor and reputation.
  • Planting Potato: Having a profitable business.
  • Planting Vegetable: Having a profitable business.
  • Potato: Living in abundance, having new friends and gaining reputation.
  • Rotten Potato: Illegal gain.
  • Selling or Giving Bean: Monetary loss.
  • Selling Vegetable: Sorrow and sadness.
  • Taking, Buying or Eating Bean: Financial gain.
  • Tomato: Monetary gain and receiving good news.

Veil: To see a veil in your dream symbolizes being rich, getting married, having a child and fulfillment of your wishes.

Ventriloquist: Seeing a ventriloquist in your dream means being deceived by a friend.

Venus: To see Venus at your dream symbolizes falling in love.

Vervain: Seeing Vervain in your dream symbolizes being in trouble at love life.

Vest: To see a vest in your dream signifies being an important person.

Vestibule: Seeing a vestibule in your dream purports illegal gain.

Vet: To see a vet in your dream signifies getting married, going on a journey or getting help.

Villa: To see a villa in your dream implies taking a journey.

Village: To see a village at your dream symbolizes getting rid of problems and taking a journey.

  • Arguing in Village: Having a reliable friend.
  • Beautiful Village: Living in abundance.
  • Living in the Village: Losing honor and reputation.
  • Moving to City from Village: Gaining honor and reputation.
  • Ruined Village: Monetary problems.

Villain: To see a villain in your dream signifies getting joyful news.

Vine: To see vine in your dream signifies getting property from a beautiful woman.

  • Buying Vine: Getting married with a rich person.
  • Collecting Grape from Vine: Spending money for a woman.
  • Dead Vine: Financial problems.
  • Planting Vine: Fortune and honor.
  • Seeing Grape of Vine: A good marriage. Seeing this at winter symbolizes a rich woman.
  • Sitting under the Vine: A long life in prosperity.
  • Vine Arbour: Getting married with a rich and beautiful person.
  • Vine Branches: A good marriage.
  • Vine leaf: Success at your business life.

Vinegar: To see or buy vinegar in your dream signifies having illegal gain.

  • Drinking Vinegar: Having bad relationship with a friend because of monetary problems.
  • Pouring Vinegar: Being sorry about your mistakes.
  • Selling Vinegar: Monetary loss.

Vineyard: To see a vineyard in your dream symbolizes gain and happiness.

  • Collecting Grapes in Vineyard: Promoting in business.
  • Eating Grapes in Vineyard: Gain and abundance.
  • Eating Immature Grapes in Vineyard: Uncertain future.
  • Lying Down in Vineyard: An unexpected heritage.
  • Planting Grape Bars in Vineyard: Fulfillment of your desires and getting good news.
  • Vineyard Guard: Having property.
  • Wandering in Vineyard: Having a healthy and happy life.

Viola: To see a viola in your dream signifies falling in love.

  • Holding the Viola: Sorrow and grief.

Violence: To see something about violence in your dream symbolizes having family troubles and being sick.

Violet: Seeing violet in your dream means being supported by a woman.

  • Collecting Violet: Getting married.
  • Violet Bouquet: Sorrow and sadness.

Violin: Seeing a violin at your dream means having a good life.

  • Broken Violin: Having business problems.
  • Buying, Taking or Stealing a Violin: Being successful at work.
  • Giving a Violin to someone: Helping that person.
  • Playing the Violin: Having an active love life.
  • Taking a Violin from an important Person: Having a good position at business life and getting rid of sorrow.
  • Violin Sound: Receiving happy news.

Virgin Mary: To see Virgin Mary in your dream implies living in happiness.

Virgin: To see a virgin in your dream means having reputation.

  • If you are a virgin, it purports getting married with right person.

Visa: Seeing something about visa in your dream signifies being in trouble at a journey.

Visit: Visiting or being visited in your dream implies living in abundance and happiness.

Vitamin: Seeing something about vitamin in your dream means you should be more careful about your health.

Vizier: To see a vizier in your dream signifies fulfillment of your desires.

Vodka: To see vodka in your dream signifies being in trouble owing to your own faults and losing everything you have.

Volcano: To see a volcano in your dream means having problems about friends and relatives.

  • Volcanic Eruption: A problematic journey.

Volleyball: To watch volleyball in your dream implies having a new life.

  • Playing Volleyball: Living in abundance and happiness.

Voltmeter: To see a voltmeter at your dream implies getting rid of troubles and being in love.

Vote: To vote for something in your dream implies living in abundance, having reliable friends, gaining reputation and fulfillment of your wishes.

  • Voting Box: Living in peace.

Vulture: To see a vulture in your dream means stupidity and idiocy. If you see many of them, it signifies immigrants and beggars will come to your city.

  • If a patient sees dream of a vulture, it symbolizes terminal illness or death.
  • To be a vulture in your dream symbolizes struggle and fight.