Yacht: To see a yacht in your dream signifies being successful at work, getting married and living in abundance.

Yarn: To see yarn in your dream means facing difficulties.

  • Ball of Yarn: Taking a long journey.
  • Being Tied with Yarn: Being in trouble.
  • Being Yarn Maker: Being unreliable.
  • Breaking of the Yarn: Having problems about a journey you want to go and financial loss.
  • Broken Yarn Spinner: Being in trouble at journey.
  • Cotton Yarn: Having problems on the way to marriage.
  • Holding a Rotten Yarn: You won’t get any help when you need.
  • Holding a Strong Yarn: Meeting an important person.
  • Holding the Yarn: Being successful at work and having a happy love life.
  • Making Yarn: Taking a journey and freedom.
  • Rotten Yarn: A problematic journey.
  • Rove: Having a visitor and taking a journey.
  • Strong Yarn: Taking a journey and coming back without any trouble.
  • Thick Yarn: Taking a journey and monetary gain.
  • Thin Yarn: Being in danger.
  • Tying someone with Yarn: Being stronger.
  • Wool Yarn: Having much money.
  • Woven Yarn: Getting good news.
  • Yarn Maker: A journey.

Yoghurt: Seeing yoghurt in your dream means financial gain.

Young: Seeing a young person in your dream signifies feeling weaker.

  • Being Young: Having a happy life.

Your Name: To see someone saying your name in your dream signifies happy news and reputation.